Productivity at the university is a challenge that comes to us as we progress in our career, and one of the most important factors of productivity is the management of the non-renewable resource that is time, which we tend to underestimate. The organization and planning regarding the time we have becomes the main axis to keep constantly progressing.

Why aren’t you productive?

Because we’re not programmed, and we’re not automatons. Therefore, we do not have the ability to produce in a standard way and with a fixed quality. When it comes to studying for college, there are different factors that are part of us as human beings and that directly influence the use of time, affecting the final results of a task. The most important thing is the organization regarding the time we have every day to dedicate to the career we are studying.

Is managing time the key to being productive?

Time management is paramount but can only be carried out after managing ourselves. Some questions you can ask each other is: How do you get used to wasting your time? What value do you give every hour of your day-to-day life? Do you know how long it takes you to do each task for college?
The latter is an important question, if we time the time you can estimate the hours you invest in a task and therefore know objectively how long it takes you to perform it.

Productivity apps in college:

Now that you have an overview of productivity and a perspective focused on feeling better managing your daily time, I’ll tell you about ten apps to get the most out of the time you have each day for college assignments. This will give you the benefit of studying more in less time, but involves being creative with time management.

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A free application with extra paid functions, designed to organize collaborative work projects, but that doesn’t mean you can use it individually and for your university studies. This app is very intuitive if you are going to use it for the first time because they read the app the activity log is done with virtual cards where the tasks are organized, it also allows you to create lists, upload files, share boards, among others. One aspect that can be a disadvantage is that it takes some time to understand all its functions in depth and get the most out of it.

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It is an application to track the time, in each of the activities you want to time. With Toggl Track you can have a complete report of the time used to perform some college task, with which you can then make realistic estimates of how long it takes you to work each task or activity. This data is always useful for conscious planning your capabilities and not forcing you to perform tasks in a very limited time.

This application does not have to download it, since all smartphones bring it integrated by default and although it seems a simple tool, it can become very useful at the beginning of the path of productivity in college with apps. It’s important because it will allow you to create reminders to review or start any other productivity application that you start using and so that you can gradually integrate it into your daily or weekly habits.

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Since it was our turn to live the greatest progress of the information age and to be interconnected and dependent on technology. Agendas are the accessory par excellence to keep us focused on our goals.
Google Calendar is very useful for planning your entire time in college. It contains a simple and easy-to-use interface, you can also access and synchronize local calendars.

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It’s a to-do list app. By having your activities organized into lists you will not overlook any and avoid losing focus and fall into the habit of wasting time. When you don’t have an internet connection, you can continue to use it and then sync with the cloud once you’re back online. Surely as you use it it will become more integrated into your day to day. This app has a paid option that adds extra customization and note features.

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An application to manage tasks synchronized with the cloud, was created by the Wunderlist team. It is very good to work as a team, it will surely help you organize with your study group. He’s a complete daily planner.

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The Swiss Productivity Knife, considered by many, has a wide variety of templates to organize any aspect of your life that you can think of and this is its strongest point. It also works as a note app that gives you the ability to point out project progress, expense control table, to-do list, and more. All of this is organized into a columned dashboard where tiles are placed with each task.

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Basic alarms used as an alarm clock commonly perform their task, waking you up but ignoring the physiological aspects of sleeping. Sleep Cycle is an application with a smart alarm clock that makes it pleasant and effective to wake up.
It also tracks sleep patterns. One disadvantage is having your phone very close to the bed.

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This is an application to manage money, it helps you develop solid financial habits. You can track college expenses.
The most important thing is that it offers to see everything about your finances in one place. It has invoice reminders, equity, account balance, debt management, among others. It also provides the possibility to create a weekly or monthly budget where you can manage the savings and construction of personal wealth.

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It helps to be more efficient in a more fun way, its central function is to control the addiction to the cell phone and give more relevance to your tasks. Its fun side is that it is based on planting a virtual tree that represents a goal to be accomplished, concentrated and without entertaining with the mobile. If you fail and move to another app or open a notification that comes to you, the tree dies. As you move forward with your virtual forest, dying trees appear as a memory of the times you couldn’t concentrate.