Being disciplined becomes present when it comes to achieving something important in life. Accessing these positive results requires building habits in a certain order. Allowing yourself to be involved in the necessary activities or processes with absolute commitment and constancy.

Definition of discipline
It is a group of rules that, by constantly complying with them, allows us to achieve a satisfactory result.

How to develop discipline
A long time ago I knew a sentence about discipline that said: You have to do what you have to do, you feel like it or not. This phrase makes it known that emotions are the ones that directly influence. And mastering them or not get carried away with them is the initial step. Difficulty sustaining yourself in a routine is most affected by emotional states, such as laziness and fears.

Emotional state is part of every human being and cannot be done as if it does not influence. You can’t control emotions either. Because emotions are just a response from something else, they’re a kind of message that we send ourselves. As long as we don’t develop the ability to hear that message and do something with it, things become uncontrollable.
The way to grow in this aspect is the management of emotions. This is done with clarity in daily routines and activities to achieve a result. It is also important that routines are organized so as not to have a mental disorder and chaos that prevents you from acting with a fixed intent.
The second aspect is the creation of habits focused on obtaining favorable results. Habits and routines are actions that by means of repetition become almost automatic. The habit develops at will at the beginning and is then maintained by reminder and a positive goal or result.
Supporting android apps to be more disciplined
If you got here it’s because you want to rely on technology to be more disciplined to meet goals you set yourself.
One of the first aspects to master to develop discipline is planning. As I said in previous paragraphs, keep things clear. If there is no planning with clear objectives it will be difficult to overcome when your emotions are not optimal to keep you focused on a routine.
In planning issues, failure is often common. Many times when starting a goal you try to organize and stay consistent but the expected results do not arrive.
Just as this situation is common, the failures that cause it as well.
As a main step, we need to review whether progress is being made on the objectives proposed at the outset. Because the tendency to do a lot and not focus on the results that were planned can be one of the main failures.

To support you in this aspect I recommend five applications:

Google Calendar
Download Here.

It is a free app for android that focuses on offering calendar and agenda service. To use these services, the requirement is to have a Google Account.
How to use it to be more disciplined
In this app we will focus on weekly planning. It starts by building a schedule with the important activities, which have a fixed schedule, then the activities that you can perform them at a time of choice.
Once this work is done, what continues is to fulfill the selected activities by activating a reminder. You can use a function to create daily, weekly, and monthly occurrences of created events. This is very useful for training discipline.

Microsoft To Do
Download Here

It is a free application that allows you to create task lists in the form of categories. Allowing you to sort alphabetically or by date the activities to be performed during the day. Alerts can also be assigned in this application.
A very interesting feature is that it allows you to add subtasks to a parent task, in case you want to add the steps to complete the task. This feature is very important to avoid being busy and focus on achieving results.

Download Here.

Another good application to be more disciplined, this one is focused on helping you abandon bad habits.
In previous paragraphs explain that habits are activities we perform in almost automatic mode. Just as we have a hard time developing positive habits in many cases, we have to get rid of the negatives.
The most effective way to get rid of bad habits is to replace them with the ones you want to acquire. With this application you will be able to monitor bad habits and as you analyze them, work on their replacement. An eye-catching feature is the Motivation tab where you can add your reasons for improving your discipline.

Controlling Habits
Download Here.

A cross-platform application specialized in habit control. It allows you to control and estimate whatever you want. At first the improvement in the aspect of the discipline carries a slow pace and this application allows you to keep track of it. Currently this app is in English language, which can be favorable. Because it allows you to acquire more vocabulary in a new language in case you don’t master it yet.
The focus of this app is to give you a sense that you are competing with yourself.

Download Here.

An application that allows you to access an in-depth analysis of your habits and routines allowing you to be in control of the progress in terms of your goals. It has very detailed graphics and statistics on how improvements in the development of new habits.
This app is open source therefore does not have ads. One of his strengths is the habit score. In it you can visualize the power of your habit, where every day you fulfill what you propose strengthens it and every day you fail to carry it out weakens.

I hope these apps are very helpful to you. When it comes to being more disciplined. You have to be aware that seeing results and progress takes a lot of repetition time. Consistency is the main companion in this strengthening of yourself.