Motivation and habits are two important ingredients for achieving big goals. The broader the goal, the more developed the habits we need and also being able to sustain motivation throughout the path involved in the process to achieve the selected goal.

The importance of motivation

Being motivated is an internal state that keeps us focused. It’s about maintaining behavior that brings us closer to a certain goal. It is like an internal energy that arises from the need to acquire something profitable from the realization of a task. And there is a second source of motivation that is associated with desire. It is related to performing an activity that provides a personal benefit. This source of motivation is supported by the pleasure of performing the task itself. While the results become a consequence of it.

The importance of developing habits

Habits are present in our daily routine. Since repeated behaviors are so called on a regular basis. One detail is that even though they are almost automatic behaviors (automation helps us better manage our energy and effort), we acquire them as we develop our way of being and acting.
With the influence of the environment around us it is an extra ingredient that shapes them. Therefore we can be sure that they can be replaced by others in case we consider that we need to develop new positive habits.

The seven best books on habits and motivation

Now, after making this introduction with a general idea about habits and motivation. I propose you to read some of these 7 books on the subject. Remember that reading is one of the activities that strengthens our brains the most, making us expand our capabilities of abstraction, understanding and memory.

James Clear Atomic Habits

Phrase drawn from the book: The costs of your good habits are in the present, the costs of your bad habits are in the future. – James Clear

The author of this book, James Clear, specialized in long-term habits. Through his talks, course and book he publicizes the formation of habits, from their emergence, to their most basic part and shows that any goal is within reach if you start with a good method.

It is a book that underpins every idea in science and discloses possible solutions to eradicate bad habits and generate instead the habits one wants to have. Opening up the possibility of achieving goals that are farther away and take longer. This book will propose you from the beginning to commit to yourself to transform your future. Starting from very small actions. Considering that each action gives shape to the behavior of the human being and are the ones that partly define the results that will be obtained.

James Clear Conference

Stephen Richards Covey’s Seven Highly Effective People Habits

Its author, Stephen Covey, was an internationally respected person on leadership issues. He was also a professor and consultant to organizations.

This book is a classic, it inspired many people. Part of the perspective, that habits make up our character and are factors that partly direct our lives. Since they often act unconsciously, constantly and daily. So this book offers you 7 formulas that are harmonized with the standards of growth it provides, to those who implement them an effective personal development.

The Power of Journalist Charles Duhigg’s Habits

Book phrase: If you think you can change, if you make it a habit, the change becomes real. – Charles Duhigg

Charles Duhigg is a reporter for the New York Times and published this book in 2012

The power of habits is a book that contains captivating stories that are nuanced with scientific data. It begins by explaining how habits originate and their construction. It also focuses on showing how far its influence goes, showing three approaches: individual habits, successful organization habits, and societies’ habits.

Waking up Tony Robbins’ inner giant

Tony Robbins’ real name is Anthony Mahavorick. He is a motivational speaker from the United States and owner of a business empire where philosophy is self-improve.

The focus of this book is to take control of one’s life, relying on emotional intelligence and daily bravery. The book begins by providing an explanation of how our thoughts are elaborated and from this, such as changing attitudes in a direction that brings us closer to success. Another important aspect of the book is that it emphasizes the application of its teachings in everyday life.

Get out of Seth Godin’s abyss

Godin is a U.S. entrepreneur, with a degree in computer science and philosophy. He also holds a master’s degree in business administration. It is regarded by many as the most notable theorist of the century.

The intention of the book is to make you analyze if you are in a chasms that deserves to be invested
your time, dedication and ability. If so in this book you can get inspiration to persevere in it and continue to move forward. If this is the case, you can find the courage to give up and dedicate your work to another area or entrepreneurship.

Father Rico, Poor Father of Millionaire Robert T. Kiyosaki

The writer of this book, Robert T. Kiyosaki is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and writer.
He is a very popular person as he is frequently cited by entrepreneurs from various parts of the world.

This book leads you to consider money from a different perspective. Which in some cases can be very dazzling. The book begins by exposing the teachings of two parents. One of them has some ideas of working and studying more to achieve goals in life and the other of knowing the art of making money work for you.

Mindset carol Dweck’s Attitude of Success

The writer of this book is a professor of social psychology at Stanford University. It is dedicated to the research of the personality, motivation and development of human beings.

The main idea of the orbit book in relation to the differences of having a fixed mentality and that of a growth mindset. In considering this idea arises the proposal that you can control how the world looks and also how you interact with it.