You have already produced the thesis and now the most relevant part of the whole process is presented, which is to pass in front of an expert court. Just the latter can scare you, the fact that you are evaluated by experts. But who didn’t fail and tried again without losing his enthusiasm.

Convince a jury of experts that your thesis brings knowledge to the world. (clear and fresh knowledge) can generate anxiety, either because of the fear of speaking in public, insecurity about some aspect of the thesis, also because of how you will answer the questions asked by the court.

The importance of defending a bachelor’s thesis

Having spent months and safest years producing your research work. The final step is presented for the university to award you the degree. If you prepared well it can be a mere formality and otherwise a challenge. Look at it as an opportunity to demonstrate the full value of your work. Allowing the jury to carry out the verification of your abilities and the knowledge you have regarding the research you developed.

Mental preparation of the defense of a bachelor’s thesis

You start by being realistic with the communicative skills you count. If you detect that they are not enough, it is better to strengthen them.
Then reflect on what makes you more anxious.
In case it is insecurity about any aspect or part of thesis. The important thing is that you solve that lack in your thesis before you show up to defend it because what may fail will always fail.
Have confidence in the work you’ve done and its quality. Even if you have nerves, you can defend your thesis with nerves. We are human and not machines devoid of emotions. Always keep in mind the initial motivation that led you to research and write the thesis of the bachelor’s degree. You’re the one who knows the research in detail and it’s the most important factor in your favor. There can be no question about your thesis that you can’t answer.

How to prevent nerves from paralyzing you or pushing you back
I’ve got news for you, the jury knows you’re nervous. Most of them who had to defend a bachelor’s thesis were also in your place and encouraged to go through that process feeling nervous.
The only thing you can work on is minimizing the consequences of being nervous. One of the main difficulties is that you tend to talk fast and also make mind the mental blockages.
One key to combating the speed of dialogue is to breathe in a relaxed way and take conscious pauses
In case of mental blockages you can ask for a pause or take some time to reduce the tension generated and you can continue the defense of your thesis again.
It is important to always keep in mind that the worst that can happen to you will be a new experience and will not affect all your work drastically. Which tends to think or perceive when you are going through an anxiety situation and nerves.

Initiating the preparation of the defense of the thesis
What is the situation for a bachelor’s thesis defense?

Discussions will surely be presented with the members of the expert jury.
This doesn’t have to bother you or push you back into your views. You have to assert your arguments with respect and at all times justifying the ideas you put forward.
That you show up to defend your thesis does not give you points, rather it is a decisive step where the value will be given by you with everything you worked and the defense you raise.
The results you can get from defending a bachelor’s thesis are: Approve and celebrate in a big way!. Re-introduce yourself to an upcoming or fail and try again, with the same enthusiasm. Remember, the purpose of a thesis is to bring novel knowledge to the world.


Possible structure of the defense of the thesis
The best preparations always triumph, so once the mind is mastered. You have to structure the presentation. Two variants must be taken into account for this.
Visual Presentation: This is the supporting and enhancing material of your speech. Do it and practice with the slides until you polish to the fullest and that is optimized for the defense of the thesis. An important tip is to get the jury up and convince.

Oral exposure: Be clear with your arguments, maintain good body posture and dominate the stage to stay confident.

The recommended structuring is
Introduction: In this part you can include 2 to 3 support slides. You focus on mentioning the title of your undergraduate thesis, academic data and mention your thesis director. It is important to explain the title of your thesis in a clear way.
You can continue to explain the conclusions you reached. At all times it is essential to justify properly. Added the explanation of your personal motivation and the path you developed in the topic. Other things you can expose your achievements and contribution in the field.
Talking about the topic focusing on making it known that research has a clear frame of reference you can do so contextualizing it with more important studies that preceded it. It is also a good time to take a tour of the thesis based on the fundamental questions that gave rise to the production of it.
Explains the method used, it should be done in detail. The initial hypothesis should also be mentioned and how it answers questions arising from the problem. It should be noted the toolings for the collection of information were used.
The results obtained during the investigation are released, accompanied by an analysis of this information. The contribution to the field of knowledge is also incorporated in this part.
To set out the conclusions with which the defence of the thesis began. In addition to relating it to the expectations that were had at the beginning of the entire research process.
Closing: A quick tour of the content is made and the thanks are given, while mentioning the title of the thesis.

Final tips

Exposure usually lasts approximately 40 to 50 minutes
Punctuality is very important
Practice defending your bachelor’s thesis. Do it in front of a mirror or invite acquaintances to develop security and polish the speech you used. It is also important to select very well the slides that you will use as support.
In the appointment for the defense of your thesis you dress formally and bear a good presence.