The best way to do a review for an exam

The best way to do a review for an exam

Reviewing is essential for successful test scores and long-term memorization.

What is the review?
Reviewing is one of the best study techniques and in some cases they remain in the background due to lack of time or because they study at the last minute.
One is aware that after learning a topic it is very useful to examine oneself to know how much information you remember. Precisely at this point the review is the tool that helps to master a subject in the best way.
Therefore, to review is to check what is remembered to consolidate knowledge and reinforce those that have been forgotten. And therefore the more review a topic is, the better prepared you are for an exam.
When reviewing, it is advisable to do so with strategies that allow progress in the study and move away from oblivion. One of the factors most feared by students. Since with the passage of time all the information that we study with so much effort is gradually eliminated, we learn and memorize. And this is why the review technique was created.

The importance of review
Surely studying and memorizing for one or two hours and at the end you are able to remember the subject studied, but after a week much of that information no longer exists, you have forgotten it.
This is an indication that the brain is a very practical organ and tends to get rid of what it does not use. But there is also another function of the brain that is related to the neural connections that are strengthened when it is reviewed making the subject studied stay longer. So it is important to reinforce what you have learned from time to time so that it does not disappear. In addition, understanding this leads us to get rid of the typical situation of studying one day before the exam because in that case the review is left out and it is precisely the technique that determines the result of the grades throughout each academic year.

The curve of forgetting and review
Forgetfulness refers to the loss of access to information previously processed in memory. In general, this situation occurs due to the passage of time, although in other cases due to a mental block. Regarding the study, it is somewhat annoying despite being a capacity with an adaptive function, which allows us to eliminate information that is not used from our brain and allows us to focus on daily problems.

Herman Ebbinghaus
In 1850, the German psychologist Herman Ebbinghaus conducted the first studies on the function of forgetting and defined what is now known as the forgetting curve.
This study allowed to clarify processes related to the retention of information and the forgetting of it.


Through various experiments, Ebbinghaus graph the forgetting curve where the level of retention of learned information and its decrease over time is reflected. Through the forgetting curve, a comparison can be made between the material that is initially processed and the one that will remain in memory, which according to its creator, occurs due to the passage of time and the non-use of the information.


In this curve it can be seen that forgetting occurs very quickly (red curve)
While with them the information tends to remain (green curves)

In the graph you can see three green curves which represent a review. Therefore, doing a review for 3 days after learning makes the information is kept for more than 6 days, almost in its entirety. This means that the retention of the information lasts longer with subsequent review.

Ebbinghaus results
Ebbinghaus showed that the forgetting cycle is as follows:

In one day, 50% of what has been learned is forgotten
In two days 70% of learned is forgotten
After a week, 90% of what has been learned is forgotten
Thanks to this study, the spaced review What is a method to transfer information to long-term memory is recommended. The recommendation for a good spaced review is the following.

First review the next day
Second review a week
Third review after 30 days
Fourth review before the exam or in the next 30 days.
If you want to do a good spaced review, I recommend the Aniki program, which is based on this method.

How to review?
As for review material, it is important that you use the study technique that works best for you, such as a summary, concept map, or any other way. The important thing is that you are entering that the review is fast therefore avoid large amounts of information.
All this is to optimize time due to the large amount of material used in university studies. You can also rely on programs such as: PowerPoint, Word, Anki, a whiteboard or a tape recorder.

Best Review Techniques
Visual review
In this type of review, diagrams or maps are reproduced as they were memorized. This is a technique that helps students who have more facility for visual learning and enjoy

still writing and drawing. It is also important to build knowledge in the initial reviews.

Reviewed aloud
It consists of recording yourself giving a lesson out loud as if you were an expert on the subject, it allows you to develop your oratory and at the same time retain more information. The moments in which you do not know how to explain a topic serve as a progress meter, since they are points that you must read and understand again. This type of technique allows you to structure the content, it helps you develop auditory learning. It also gives you the advantage of recording the conference and listening to it as a review instead of reading.

Reviewed with cards
This is a type of review that became very famous or to memorize vocabulary, definitions and formulas. It is more practical, since it allows you to develop the cards as you study or prepare the study material. The fact that you have a very small space allows you to select the most important and pay close attention to the keywords. If you choose an application to carry out a review with cards, you can do it in any empty time.

Review with exams
This is considered one of the most effective reviews to face exams. To carry them out you can request exams from previous years students who have already taken or ask your classmates to make you a difficult exam. This allows you to evaluate their progress by simulating real exams and clearly visualize what concepts they need to review. In addition, the fact of taking a mock exam prepares you mentally for a real situation and many times you can find similar questions.

How to study an online master’s degree

How to study an online master’s degree

There is the possibility of studying an online master’s degree and the questions that arise are: is it worth studying? How are they studied? Most prefer to continue training at this time, which requires continual specialization. The online master’s degree is one more option for when you finish your degree and feel that you still need to train, in some cases it is the best way to continue studying.

What is called an online master?

In a simple way, it can be said that an online master is a master that can be studied through the internet. This training in many cases exceeds the face-to-face training and they are usually at the same level.
One of the main characteristics of this modality is the saving of time due to the possibility of studying online, although they are always accompanied by certain study strategies. For example, it is common in this modality to find virtual classrooms, where you attend classes live. There is also the possibility of recording the lessons and watching them as many times as necessary, downloading study material, among others.

The online master also have the possibility of being official or their own

Own online master’s degree: This degree lacks approval for Europe and is not fully valid in the EHEA and in some it is only necessary to have professional experience in the field in which you want to study the master’s degree.

Official online master: As with the face-to-face master, this type of master is recognized by an educational education and approved throughout the European Union. This offers the possibility of practicing a profession in any country that is part of the EHEA (European Higher Education Area) and to access this type of master you must have a bachelor’s degree or a bachelor’s degree.

The quality of a virtual master

Currently, online teaching has advanced a lot, in part due to the suspension of face-to-face classes in 2020. This, added to the advances of previous years, gives us the possibility of taking our own master’s degree and, most importantly, an online master’s degree. This can be done at universities in Spain, France and at various European Universities.

If it is about quality, the qualification approved and valid for Europe, is the clear example that it is at the level of traditional education. As the years go by, more masters will continue to be enabled with the online modality, as is happening in universities in Spain.

Go ahead and study a master’s degree online

During these last years, online education has been growing despite the beliefs that people have about learning online. In fact, it is often considered a second option and as a solution for when you cannot attend a face-to-face class due to work or distance. The idea that doubts are resolved remotely is very present. Doubts about the methodologies, the tools that are needed, the motivation, the planning and the study routine.
Below I will explain some advantages and disadvantages compared to face-to-face learning:

Positive aspects

You can take it from your home.

This is an incredible freedom, you can condition your study place to your liking or study from any other place with internet access. You will avoid traveling to attend class and you will be able to rely on the facilities and automations offered by a PC, a cell phone or tablet and above all the continuous internet connection.

Flexible hours

The most common is that the material and classes are available 24 hours a day, even all year round. You will only have to organize yourself to attend the online classes if the subject requires it or if you are interested. This opens a window of possibilities for you in case you work or have children or are looking to combine higher education with a hobby.

The cost is less.

In general, it is cheaper for universities to take courses online and this is reflected in the price they offer to the student. In addition, the economic aspect together with the online study opens a window of offers from universities in neighboring countries and from other continents.

Negative aspects

  • The official master’s degree is scarce. The amount is less than the one found in mode
    face-to-face and will be expanded in the face of demand
  • It takes you away from the traditional university environment.
  • Although platforms and technology allow the student teacher to have more tools for communication, it still does not reach the person-to-person level.


Basic requirements to access an online Master

The same requirements are usually required as in a traditional master’s degree. For example, undergraduate degree, that the degree is consistent with the content of the master’s degree.

The possibility also arises that the degrees are less demanding in the case of an Online Master’s Degree, where they ask you for example: Professional Training Certificate or have work experience in what you intend to study.

Tips for studying a master’s degree online

The fundamental thing is to make the most of technology. It is important to familiarize yourself and continually update yourself to know what resources are available for the entire course. The fact that teachers only uploaded PDFs to the university platform and then each student turned in their homework was long gone. Now it is used, video conferencing, digital whiteboards, virtual classrooms, live classes and other possibilities.

Improve your organization

Online learning totally changes the traditional methodology of learning, in fact it could be considered that it implies a revolution. The prominence of the student increases, but that flexibility can be a disaster if it is not managed well. The level of responsibility is higher and the ability to have a daily routine is essential. If you didn’t develop a high-performing discipline and organization, you have to.
Before taking the step, plan everything. It is important to adapt to the challenge. Fixed hours are the best allies. As long as you can carry a consistent routine over time, everything will become easier. Don’t let the freedom and convenience of choosing your schedules turn against you.

Motivation, Iron Will.

The difficult thing is not to start, but to stay in the challenge. At the beginning the motivation is at the highest, but as the difficulties arise and things do not go as planned. Motivation begins to wane. In these moments only an iron will will remain constant. Remember it is not difficult, you just don’t have time.

The best way to do a review for an exam

Can you study two masters at the same time?

Studying two masters at the same time is a challenge and a way to face the hyper-competitiveness that is emerging in our time. It can also be an exciting and enriching experience. This is becoming increasingly possible because currently a master’s degree is considered a basic element of the CV of any professional.

The difficult thing is not to do a master’s degree, the difficult thing is to manage time

The effort is focused on the organization to get two masters. All this implies planning in detail, from keeping agendas and applications to being able to fully manage the time of each day and each hour. The most important thing is to be able to fulfill the routines that one proposes. The reality of doing this challenge is very hard and sacrificed, there are no facilities. Knowing this aspect helps to face it and not lower your arms, if you dare to take two Masters at the same time you will realize how important it is to be realistic and sincere at all times.

Is it necessary to study two masters at the same time?

In these times, knowledge in many cases is not enough to guarantee the future that you want to have. In addition, there are people encouraging these challenges. You can continue with a single master’s degree or choose to specialize for two. This advantage is focused on competitiveness and maximum use of time.
The double master’s degree not only helps you academically and the acquisition of more knowledge or the prestige of achieving high-performance organizational and disciplinary challenges. It is also a good way to get more professional skills. The ability to master two complementary fields is brilliant.

Motivations to study in two areas

The possibility and the existence of the opportunity to specialize twice is positive. You can strengthen your motivation with the benefits that this has.

The benefits of studying two masters

The experience of taking two masters is very demanding and at the same time motivating because of how challenging it is.

Greater chance of success in the labor market.

The advantage of developing a more competitive profile opens a window of new opportunities. It must be remembered that the current labor market, if it is important positions, is very demanding and competitive. It is precisely because of the high qualification and experience that it is not enough to achieve professional positions that one dreams or requires to achieve goals in a short or medium term. But having the necessary knowledge is already an important factor in reaching professional goals.

The phrase that is repeated the most today is “you have to be in continuous training” this implies acquiring more and more knowledge and that is necessary for practice because things are updated, changed and reorganized each time. Now being able to afford to have a profile that proves your ability to function in two different areas adds a greater value to you than that of someone who can only practice in a professional field.
More complete training, better preparation to achieve a doctorate.

With a double master’s degree, you acquire deeper knowledge and you can have great expectations for the future where you can expand your knowledge of the world or face a professional destination in the best way. The motivation to achieve big goals is the drive for many.

Save time

It is logical that by studying two masters you save time because surely you are going to do both masters. Instead of carrying them out in 4 or 3 years, you can do it in 1 or 2 years. If you study it separately, the dedication extends more and there will be doors to the labor market that will close when 4 or 3 years pass.

Possibility of doing two doctorates.

If you have two different master’s degrees, which allow you to specialize in different areas, you also have the possibility of accessing two doctorates.
Disadvantages, challenges to face
Studying a double master’s degree is a complex challenge in several aspects.

Get homework done on time.

He is always present during the course of this challenge. In many cases the schedules may overlap and in others arrive adjusted.
The economic cost.
A double specialization involves more expenses than one. If you do not have sufficient solvency to face it, it will be a difficult inconvenience to overcome. Many times it is important to consider the possibility of having a scholarship and therefore manage it.

Less social life

You cannot achieve great things if you do not leave out certain things. In many cases the usual outings are reduced and you cannot afford to have a great social life.
High levels of stress.
It is a fact that the level of stress will rise and if you do not have the strength to manage it, it could take its toll. Your mood will also be affected.

What will happen when you start studying two masters?

Your productivity will be optimized and the use of time will be of another level. The network of professional contacts will expand and you will be able to have other professionals who will inspire you along the way. Success will start knocking on your door long before you finish your master’s degree because job opportunities multiply.

Aspects to consider

Plan very well how you will do both masters, for example you can choose to study one of the masters online and another in person. Always be realistic about the time you can spend on each one. Within this planning keep in mind that the objectives you set for yourself must be clear and realistic, at all times based on your agenda. It is always important to keep your feet on the ground. Stress can happen, so having a plan or strategy to manage it is important. You will also have to manage emotions and feelings of failure, stagnation and surpassing.
It may also be very useful to consider studying two different masters so as not to fall into monotony.

One of the last aspects and no less important is to avoid that the practices occur simultaneously. This will push you to the limit and make the challenge impossible. Despite the large investment of time, consider leaving a few hours for fun, this will allow you to rest your mind and maintain your academic performance.

How to do a master’s degree and work

How to do a master’s degree and work

A master’s degree and work is very common today, it is common for the student to find himself working at the end of a higher degree. In the next few paragraphs you will find the aspects to take into account to carry it out. It also takes into consideration the possibility of doing an online master’s degree. Where your organization is the most important and another option is to do it in person if you do not master planning for high academic performance.
Many times your company offers you the possibility of doing a master’s degree or in most cases this decision is made personally.

If you decide to carry out both activities, you have to bear in mind that a master’s degree implies a lot of responsibility for both the company and the master’s degree. It also takes a lot of organization to persevere and avoid being left behind.

The current situation of studying and working

We are currently going through a perfect time to combine work and study. In fact, it is increasingly common for students to find themselves in this situation.
What helps make this possible is the technology and the advances that are happening lately. It is known that the flexibility of doing an online master’s degree is important. It gives prominence to the student, allowing him to organize the time according to the hours he has for study.
Other facilities that are found is that the face-to-face course can also be given at more accessible times, for example at night or on weekends.
The options to make it possible to study a master and work. The master’s degree can open up new opportunities or bring new skills to your company.

The combination of face-to-face with online

In this situation and due to the academic demand of the master’s degree, it is very difficult to dedicate yourself completely to doing it in person (It is better when it is at night or on weekends)
To have more possibilities of making it compatible with your work, it is better to choose a master that combines face-to-face and virtual classes. This will allow you to have more flexibility in your schedules.
Optimize the use of every minute

You can try to have your study material in digital format to be able to take advantage of any moment and read or do work. If you travel a long distance to get to work, you can create the habit of studying while traveling on public transport. One option you can choose is to stop watching television and surf the internet for leisure and take advantage of that extra time to advance in subjects. For this option to be viable, it is important to choose a master’s degree that you are passionate about.

Make working hours more flexible in favor of studying

This is another possibility for which you can opt. It requires negotiating with your boss or employer. To achieve some flexibility in your schedules and thus be able to study or attend class. An important aspect is that the workplace is close to home or near the university.
Healthy life and not sacrificed life
It is important to take care of your health, to exercise in minutes of rest, to respect the necessary hours of rest. These are some of the habits for leading a healthy life related to this study. Giving me this opportunity will allow you to have an optimal performance during the duration of the master’s degree. Taking a master’s degree and working involves energy and vitality.

Optimizing time to study a master’s degree and work

The good use of time can only occur if you are able to assume the responsibility that studying a master’s degree demands and comply with the work day.

Create a priority agenda

Establishing what your priorities will be implies that your personal time will be reduced therefore you will have to put aside certain activities and leisure.
Always write down your priorities so that when time starts to run short you can focus only on the essential tasks to meet your goal.
This can be tough, yet the benefit of going through it and achieving it is transformative and highly beneficial.

Stress and emotions

When you have to do more than one activity, the feeling of not being able or feeling overwhelmed occurs. This can happen on any day while you are working and taking your master’s degree, and it can translate into time-consuming or paralyzing tension. So it is essential to be aware of this and avoid increasing stress to the point of causing blockages or distancing yourself from performing the highest priority tasks. Managing stress is also important because it can lead to health problems.

Effective study method

You cannot study a master’s degree and work if you do not have study techniques that allow you to develop concentration and control over distractions, for example, make good use of your mobile, use time and task management applications, memorization techniques. Everything that brings you closer to the best use of time in relation to academic tasks. You can also use effective methods for summaries. Mental maps. Methods that help transform a few minutes into the most productive.

Selecting the right master’s degree

Choosing a master’s degree with a modality in terms of timetables that is compatible with your work is a basic starting point. As I mentioned in the previous paragraphs, if it is semi face-to-face or online it is much better. You can also opt for a night master’s degree, where the hours do not affect those of your mandatory rest.
Let others know about the challenge you are taking
When you tell your friends about your challenge and your boss about the challenge you embarked on, you will surely receive help or understanding about your obligations and in this way they will give you more space. They will also be more willing to offer you help when you need it.

Tell your boss
If you haven’t already, you better do it. You can find out the possibilities that they can offer you to grant a flexible working time. One of the possibilities could be to accumulate work hours in four days and have a few extra days off added to the weekend. It may also happen that they assign you a position that allows you to fulfill hours remotely (from your home). The support of your superior will be one of the best allies when combining study and work.


Video editor for university presentations

Video editor for university presentations

It’s good to have a video editor for college presentations, because making video presentations is a great learning and teaching resource. That can renew the way you make college presentations.


Benefits of using videos in a college presentation

The videos allow to generate greater closeness with the audience and contribute a plus in the reinforcement of some key message of the speech.
We are now more familiar with videos. Because today most students consume audiovisual material on YouTube, and several social networks not to say the most. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok which is famous for short videos.
So in the time we live a video presentation offers a great possibility to get more attention, hook and make it easier to learn content.
Being a content that reproduces images at high speed creating the feeling of movement that is accompanied by sound allows to present in an efficient and simple way some concept that is bettIs making a video presentation harder than making a slideshow?

The process of making videos for university presentations can be more complex, depending on the type of video you intend to make. The only thing is that the steps to make videos involve more planning to create each part of a video. This is best done with it being clear that it is intended to improve the transmission of information in a presentation.


Some of the main advantages

  • It favors the ability of the public to retain
  • You can share it to your audience and they can easily view it on most devices.
  • It is a very dynamic audiovisual material so it will capture a lot of attention and it is advisable to pause if you want the video to accompany your speech.


Video editor for university presentations

Here are some video editors, from the simplest to the most complex. You can choose the one that best suits what you plan to do and your level of knowledge about video editing.
In some programs you won’t need experience because they are very intuitive and allow you to create videos easily. In other programs you will have to spend more time learning, but your videos will be more didactic.


This is a free video editing program, because it is available under free software license. It supports many video, image and audio formats. With this editor you can get very well crafted videos for those who are just starting to edit videos. It has a simple and very intuitive interface. For minimum system requirements, it requires 4 GB of minimum RAM and is 64 bit.


It is a free licensed program therefore also free. In this case it is a very basic video editor. You don’t have the ability to add videos from different sources to join them into one. Therefore it is an editor that performs very simple tasks where you can perform coding, cuts among others.
It is very limited because it is too basic, therefore it does not ask for many requirements for its use.


It is a software to create nonlinear videos. The results that can be achieved with this editor are even almost professional and in a simple way. The simplicity is that it has a very intuitive interface and tools allowing for quick learning.
An extra function that can be very useful is that of text effects that allow you to give more dynamism to your presentation. You can use it for free, but with limitations or buy a license that is accessible.

Vegas Pro:

It is a program that was formerly known as Sony Vegas specialized in video editing. It is focused to make professional videos therefore it is a complex driving program. It contains an extensive list of effects for text, sound and video. Allowing you to customize everything with total freedom.


It is a program that allows you to record the screen, recording both the audio and what happens on the screen. Currently this full program is a post-processing tool that focuses on educational presentations. It is a paid program that has 30 days free trial.

Adobe Premiere Pro:

It is a software to edit video. It is focused on making professional videos although it has a simpler version that is Adobe Premiere Elements. It is widely used for having a very fast workflow, because it allows you to work with many types of files without converting it. Something very interesting are the transitions and effects for very striking presentations.
When creating a video it is advisable to worry about the content
One of the most important aspects for making a video is the script. Skipping this step ensures you create poor quality and boring videos.

Tips for creating a good script.

When you create a script, you can choose how to convey a message or explain something specific.
The script can be made in two ways:
The first written in its entirety, where each part is detailed.The second a script that aims to support what you want to show and guide yourself.

Other tips

When making a presentation with videos choose to add other relevant videos related to what you intend to teach. So take good care of the elements you add to your video.
Plan video time and pauses very well. It is very common to place a video and talk at the end. But it can work the possibility to play the video and comment by pausing.
Create good image quality videos. Choose the sound of the video well. A video without audio is not video. So use sounds that enhance your presentation and make them clear.
A tips when creating videos for presentations: Avoid placing dates or years, this gives you the possibility to use it as many times as you want.

Tips and tricks to calm exam anxiety

Tips and tricks to calm exam anxiety

Exam anxiety, it is very common in our time. You draw a blank while you intuitively know what you knew about the subject of the exam. It can also be an ordeal that is made up of feelings of insecurity, fears, contrary thoughts, anguish, tremors, tachycardia, even the night before you may go without sleep. This is all part of exam anxiety. In this post I will tell you some tricks to avoid having such a bad time and be able to answer the exam questions.

What is Exam anxiety

This anxiety is characterized by a set of emotions that students feel when faced with the opportunity to pass an exam. It can be described as an intense and persistent fear of the experience of taking an exam. Although it mostly appears in tests, oral, written, reports, answering questions in class among others.
It is also present in public interventions, since the reason for its appearance is that the person’s ability is evaluated.
An important aspect when applying the tips and advice is to know more about your exam anxiety.
It can be considered “anticipatory” when it occurs when studying for an exam, in which case it is very problematic. Then there is the “situational”-which occurs during the performance of the exam, this is no less than the previous classification, but involves different work.

Why evaluation anxiety arises

It arises as a reaction to the possibility of something adverse or stressful. And like any other type of anxiety, in this case it also affects the student on a mental and bodily level. On a physical level it causes sweating, rapid heartbeat, and rapid breathing. It should be noted that these physical consequences range from a mild to a high level.

Another trigger of anxiety is not knowing oneself and therefore concentrating on the bad, allowing the natural anxiety of being evaluated to rise to a higher level and become a problem. It is difficult to manage because by feeding on negative thinking, the anxious student feels insecure because he/she knows that anxiety levels are rising and therefore the chances of passing and enjoying the exam start to plummet.


The biggest problem of Exam anxiety

This problem occurs in students who prepare the most and master a subject, but at the time of an exam anxiety takes away the possibility of remembering the knowledge studied. Maybe you are thinking about eliminating anxiety, but it is not necessary to think about the impossible. Anxiety contributes its own and is necessary because it is the response of human beings to adapt to a new environment that they perceive as adverse.

Influencing factors

There are many aspects that can turn this response that badly managed is problematic, they are:

Very high expectations of the environment. (Parents, friends, teachers)
A deficit in the reinforcement of the achievements made
A lot of comparison with the academic performance of a classmate.
Having very unpleasant reactions to oneself when going through situations where one has a low performance.
Social factors that increase evaluation anxiety
Worldwide percentages indicate that between 15% and 25% of students may have high levels of test anxiety and that this is a determining factor in their academic performance. In many cases, anxiety can also be considered as one of the causes of high school failure. All this caused by the social changes of our time where it is relevant the increase of competitiveness, family pressure and social pressure.

What to do in the face of anxiety

Relaxation techniques

To be able to use this advice the important thing is that when you have an episode of anxiety of evaluation you take into account the emotions that are present to be able to detect when the levels of anxiety begin to soar in this way apply relaxation techniques, such as the following:
Abdominal breathing It is a strong and slow breathing until you fill your lungs with air and then release.

Become aware of thoughts and their messages
When exam anxiety occurs it is always accompanied by thoughts that are not uncomfortable and are the ones to discover why passing an exam becomes so difficult. Once discovered, we proceed to question the message and find out if it is useful or counterproductive and thus arrive at a new, more balanced and realistic message.

I will explain some reflections of the most common thoughts or cognitive distortions in case of blocking or blank mind:

Overgeneralization: It is the interpretation of events as negative and under the frame of defeat. It would be presented as if you do not pass an exam you can not handle the subject. When in reality there is a second instance or second chance.
Minimization and Magnification: It is the tendency to give much relevance to mistakes over successes. Many times it can be considered that you pass by luck and one thing is clear: Luck cannot be trained but the mind can.
Selective abstraction: It occurs when all the attention is placed on a detail that takes it out of context. For example, you are in the exam and you can’t answer a question and it means that you are going to fail.
Anticipating the future: You take it for granted that things will go wrong without allowing yourself to try a different way.
Time management.
Planning goals several months in advance is very helpful in avoiding high levels of anxiety. The more planning you do, the better your results in the face of anxiety. If you are able to foresee what to study per day and weeks. The objectives, both long, medium and short term with which planning is done will become realistic. Which helps to get away from the frustrations of not arriving calm in terms of preparation for an exam.

Tips for passing anxiety

Stay focused on the present. Try to take it one step at a time. One question that can really help you is “What do I have to do now?
When you feel stressed take time to relax or unwind. You can go outside for a few minutes to get some air.
Do not try to think that anxiety can be eliminated, but know that it is present, but you have to be careful that it is at the right levels.
Avoid thinking about anxiety all the time and focus more on the next step.
Prepare in the best way for an exam.
Use anxiety with an active approach. Let it remind you that you are prepared to ace the exam with flying colors.
Take care of yourself!
I mean take care of yourself in general, get enough sleep, exercise, eat healthy. You can’t perform at your best mentally if you don’t have a lifestyle to go with it.