How to get a student visa

How to get a student visa

The student visa is required in most cases that you want to study abroad. Since the student visa is a highly sought after document in most countries, because it allows you to spend a period of time (determined by the educational program) in that country legally.

Why study in another country?

Studying outside your country is a unique opportunity, it allows you to know new places, new culture, accumulate many experiences. It gives you many points in terms of job opportunities, considering that currently the experience in international environments is highly valued by large companies. Studying abroad broadens horizons on a mental level, thanks to new situations that are lived, new perspectives and objectives are sought. It also expands the network of contacts or enriches itself, establishing new friendships or professional relationships.

Are all student visas the same?

These visas have different characteristics determined by the country in which you wish to study.

For example, student visas for the United States are three:

The F1 Visa (granted to individuals conducting academic studies)
Visa J1 (is intended for students who require hands-on experience not available in their country)
M1 (for students who will perform vocational or technical programs).
The feature of the F1 and J1 visa is to give you the ability to work in the United States while your stay and study time elapses. Instead, the M1 visa doesn’t give you that possibility.

Applying for a student visa

It is a bureaucratic challenge to get a visa for students but in this article I want to give you some tips so that applying for your student visa is not a complex problem and also clear up some doubts. Always remember, that these are only advice and that the specific information must be requested at the Embassy or Consulate of the country of destination.

When is the student visa required?

The student visa enables you to study in a certain country for a period longer than 90 days in the case of the European Union. It is also a visa that is required for non-working internships, volunteer service, student mobility (such as Erasmus), training stays and studies for underage schooling.

Where is the student visa processed?

Usually the formalities are carried out at the Consulate of the country to which you want to go to study, which is located in your country of residence.

Tips for starting student visa processing

It has a folder where you have all the original documentation and several copies to contribute at each time you are requested.
Make a prior consultation with the consulate where you request information about the documentation to be submitted and also to have an appointment.
The appointment is usually of a personal nature, but can be made by a very well accredited representative, in case you live far from the consular office and you can prove that there are reasons why you cannot go to the Consulate Office.
Have enough money to cover the costs involved in the process.
It is very important to start the process 20 or more days in advance regarding the trip to another country to study. Remember that the process cannot be accelerated and different visa times are handled.

General requirements for applying for a visa

To have the opportunity to be granted your visa you must take into account these requirements:

Not having the citizenship of the country to which the visa is to be processed.
Have the allowed entry to the country that is intended to travel.
Have enough money to guarantee that you can take care of all the basic costs of staying in the country and also the return expenses.
Have health insurance or if you have a scholarship, test whether it also offers health insurance.
If the student is a minor and makes the trip alone, he/she must have permission from the parents or guardian in charge.
An important aspect is to have documentation that you are admitted to a school in the country to which you will travel.
Documentation to consider when applying for a visa
A clarification regarding the points I will mention below change depending on the country of origin and also depends on the country of destination. Another clarification I make to you and very important is that you always consult with the Embassy or Consulate of the country.

Having the passport in force, this document must be in good condition and with blank space for visas.
Documentation proving that you have ideal financial means to cover the stay during the period you apply for the visa and also that you can cover your return to the country.
Have documentation and copies of health insurance.
Medical certificate to validate that you do not have diseases that may pose a public health problem.
Documentation proving that you are admitted to an educational institution in the country to which the visa is applied. In some countries, if this documentation is in a language other than the local language, it is requested that you have a legalized official translation.
Have the criminal record certificate, if required.
All documentation related to identity.
Color photography, passport size.

What is the duration of the student visa?

It depends on the country that grants you the visa, often the duration of the visa is determined by the period to be studied or the duration of the study. If after the end of the validity time of the visa you want to continue to stay in the country where you are conducting your studies. It is possible to obtain an extension that is managed 2 or 3 months before the expiration date of your student visa. Requesting an extension usually requires reapply for documentation and an application that makes clear and with verifiable explanations of why a student visa extension is requested.

Free sites to download thesis examples

Free sites to download thesis examples

Before you start writing your thesis you probably need inspiration or thesis examples, because any new production is part of a mixture of one or more previous ideas. Having to perform the first thesis, the difficulty of producing it is very real. Why a thesis will determine in many ways which topic you’re going to specialize in, adding that it’s an individual research job that you have to take care of individually. This may lead you to not be able to move forward by circling how to craft a thesis. Always to get out of a stalemate is to get in action, then you can find the approach you are looking for as you start working on the last job of your career and on which it depends to get your title.

If you are here because you are interested in knowing sites from which to download thesis examples and therefore you have already put yourself in action, now you only have to visit the sites that I will share below to download thesis examples that are free to access where you can find inspiration for your first academic contribution to the world.

Important tip to consider when downloading thesis
Avoid using basic search, it doesn’t allow you to do a quality search and focused on the topic you’re interested in. If possible familiarize yourself with advanced search, it’s more complex but gives you more specific results.
Set up a specific folder to download the thesis of your interest.
Add the thesis pages that you think are best to favorites in your browser.
➡️ access here.

This page is one of the most important bibliographic portals in the world, it is focused on the consultation of thesis projects of Spanish universities. Focused especially on giving visibility to Hispanic scientific literature. It has more than 280,800 theses and of which about 121,912 are open and free of charge.
It covers subjects related to Basic Sciences, Engineering, Geosciences, Biology and CC. Health, Social Sciences and Humanities.

download thesis examples

Brazilian Digital Library of Thesis and Dissertations
➡️ access here.

This site aims to provide access to complete thesis in Portuguese at no cost.
It has 183,102 theses. Some of the main subjects are Education, Teacher Training, Public Policy, Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, Physics.

download thesis examples

Doctoral Thesis at Xarxa TDX
➡️ access here.

It is a cooperative repository of doctoral theses in digital format, Many of these researches arise from the community of Catalonia and other autonomous communities. Its objective is to make the world known through the Internet the result of research carried out in universities.
It has 33,549 open access thesis. The main subjects are Computer Science, Social Sciences, Psychology, Journalism, Humanities.

download thesis examples

Open Access
Theses and Dissertations OATD
➡️ access here.

This page aims to host thesis from all over the world with open access and totally free of charge. It currently has indexed 5,775,433 theses and dissertations that come from more than 1100 schools and research centers around the world. The vast majority of indexed research is allowed to download and read only for personal and non-commercial use.

➡️ access here.

This site began in 2005 with the aim of improving global access to thesis of European universities. It offers access to 1,039,527 theses with open access and more than 560 universities in several European countries. The languages in which most thesis is found are in: Spanish, English, Catalan, French and Portuguese.

download thesis examples

Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations NDLTD
➡️ access here.

This digital thesis network library is dedicated to the adoption, use, dissemination and preservation of electronic thesis. It aims to become the leading international organization in promoting ETD worldwide. Its catalogue has 6,002,916 theses and dissertations.

download thesis examples

➡️ access here.

It is a digital information service of the national autonomous university of Mexico. Tesiunam’s catalogue allows you to rescue thesis from different careers.

download thesis examples

New Science: UNAM PhDs
➡️ access here.

It collects research conducted from 2011 to date. These theses have served as a means of obtaining a doctorate. The topics you can find are Biological Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Social Sciences, Humanities and Art.

IBERO Mexico City
➡️ access here.

It is the site of an academic, non-profit organization that hosts free open and download digital repositories. Its goal is to make the information open and easy to manage.

download thesis examples

Thesis UAM Xochimilco
➡️ access here.

It is a virtual library called “Dr. Ram Villara Perex Library” that makes available to the public in order to support the strengthening of knowledge and learning of the community. To access the theses select the option “Thesis, reports and reports in PDF” located in the right pane of DIGITAL RESOURCES.

UNAM Institutional Repository
➡️ access here.

This site aims to integrate and publish academic content that is generated at UNAM University. It currently has 418,353 Thesis of Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorates and Others. The main areas are Arts and Humanities, Biology and Chemistry, Social sciences and Law, Social and Economic Sciences, Mathematics and Earth Sciences, Engineering, Medicine and Health Sciences.

INDIXE digital thesis
➡️ access here.

Antonio Razo is responsible for this site. The thesis you will find are bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate from 35 Mexican institutions.

➡️ access here.

It is an excellent search engine to find theses that were developed in Spain, its database contains research from the universities of that country since 1976.

Google Academic
➡️ access here.

It is a secondary search engine that is focused on locating academic documents, which include thesis among others. Compared to Google Standard it has filters so that the results are sorted and academic in nature. It was released in 2004 and its operation with respect to searching is very similar to the usual Google. A very interesting fact is that it allows you to search for scientific articles and see the number of times they were quoted and in which articles.

10 best apps for college productivity

10 best apps for college productivity

Productivity at the university is a challenge that comes to us as we progress in our career, and one of the most important factors of productivity is the management of the non-renewable resource that is time, which we tend to underestimate. The organization and planning regarding the time we have becomes the main axis to keep constantly progressing.

Why aren’t you productive?

Because we’re not programmed, and we’re not automatons. Therefore, we do not have the ability to produce in a standard way and with a fixed quality. When it comes to studying for college, there are different factors that are part of us as human beings and that directly influence the use of time, affecting the final results of a task. The most important thing is the organization regarding the time we have every day to dedicate to the career we are studying.

Is managing time the key to being productive?

Time management is paramount but can only be carried out after managing ourselves. Some questions you can ask each other is: How do you get used to wasting your time? What value do you give every hour of your day-to-day life? Do you know how long it takes you to do each task for college?
The latter is an important question, if we time the time you can estimate the hours you invest in a task and therefore know objectively how long it takes you to perform it.

Productivity apps in college:

Now that you have an overview of productivity and a perspective focused on feeling better managing your daily time, I’ll tell you about ten apps to get the most out of the time you have each day for college assignments. This will give you the benefit of studying more in less time, but involves being creative with time management.

download here.

A free application with extra paid functions, designed to organize collaborative work projects, but that doesn’t mean you can use it individually and for your university studies. This app is very intuitive if you are going to use it for the first time because they read the app the activity log is done with virtual cards where the tasks are organized, it also allows you to create lists, upload files, share boards, among others. One aspect that can be a disadvantage is that it takes some time to understand all its functions in depth and get the most out of it.

download here.

It is an application to track the time, in each of the activities you want to time. With Toggl Track you can have a complete report of the time used to perform some college task, with which you can then make realistic estimates of how long it takes you to work each task or activity. This data is always useful for conscious planning your capabilities and not forcing you to perform tasks in a very limited time.

This application does not have to download it, since all smartphones bring it integrated by default and although it seems a simple tool, it can become very useful at the beginning of the path of productivity in college with apps. It’s important because it will allow you to create reminders to review or start any other productivity application that you start using and so that you can gradually integrate it into your daily or weekly habits.

download here.

Since it was our turn to live the greatest progress of the information age and to be interconnected and dependent on technology. Agendas are the accessory par excellence to keep us focused on our goals.
Google Calendar is very useful for planning your entire time in college. It contains a simple and easy-to-use interface, you can also access and synchronize local calendars.

download here.

It’s a to-do list app. By having your activities organized into lists you will not overlook any and avoid losing focus and fall into the habit of wasting time. When you don’t have an internet connection, you can continue to use it and then sync with the cloud once you’re back online. Surely as you use it it will become more integrated into your day to day. This app has a paid option that adds extra customization and note features.

download here.

An application to manage tasks synchronized with the cloud, was created by the Wunderlist team. It is very good to work as a team, it will surely help you organize with your study group. He’s a complete daily planner.

download here.

The Swiss Productivity Knife, considered by many, has a wide variety of templates to organize any aspect of your life that you can think of and this is its strongest point. It also works as a note app that gives you the ability to point out project progress, expense control table, to-do list, and more. All of this is organized into a columned dashboard where tiles are placed with each task.

download here.

Basic alarms used as an alarm clock commonly perform their task, waking you up but ignoring the physiological aspects of sleeping. Sleep Cycle is an application with a smart alarm clock that makes it pleasant and effective to wake up.
It also tracks sleep patterns. One disadvantage is having your phone very close to the bed.

download here.

This is an application to manage money, it helps you develop solid financial habits. You can track college expenses.
The most important thing is that it offers to see everything about your finances in one place. It has invoice reminders, equity, account balance, debt management, among others. It also provides the possibility to create a weekly or monthly budget where you can manage the savings and construction of personal wealth.

download here.

It helps to be more efficient in a more fun way, its central function is to control the addiction to the cell phone and give more relevance to your tasks. Its fun side is that it is based on planting a virtual tree that represents a goal to be accomplished, concentrated and without entertaining with the mobile. If you fail and move to another app or open a notification that comes to you, the tree dies. As you move forward with your virtual forest, dying trees appear as a memory of the times you couldn’t concentrate.

How to learn to learn with android apps

How to learn to learn with android apps

Learning to learn changes our lives progressively for the better and is much more enjoyable if you can rely on mobile apps, allowing us to take our learning to the next level.
It also makes it possible to open ourselves to continuous learning and move away from the false belief that we know everything and the information is not updated or changed.

Is using your phone when learning counterproductive?

It is often recommended to avoid the cell phone, considering it as the main disturbing instrument when studying. But this is not the case, as long as we have as a north they are responsible for transforming mobile into a useful tool for learning.
The mobile is a device with which we spend 3 to 6 hours almost every day. This instrument, like a laptop, with good use can become our greatest ally and support when it comes to broadening horizons in the skills or topics that we want to learn.

Why continually learn?

Before commenting on the apps that can be useful to you. I’d like to tell you why it’s important to learn to learn. Human beings feel that learning contributes to the meaning of our existence but as we take the step to learn we face a very great challenge. That our brain is still biologically programmed for survival and this becomes a limiting when it comes to integrating new habits that allow us to learn.
It is difficult to overcome the natural tendency of humans to stay in a routine of the past that mostly leads to dissatisfaction.
Only when we realize that the path of learning becomes our responsibility and learning involves turning off the automatic mode with which we live and striving to follow a learning dynamic supported in this case with technology, continuous learning can arise.

Here are some apps you can turn your phone into a studio tool and keep it from being the biggest distraction to overcome every time you’re about to know something new.

download here.

It is one of the very wide online learning platforms, according to its website it has more than 130,000 courses in video format taught by experts in each topic. This platform in its version of app for android will allow you to master new skills, both from some topic of interest and learn to learn why it also has courses that explain the best methods of research, writing, study techniques, memorization techniques, etc.

Important aspects of the app:
The main advantage of having hundreds of useful online courses is that of continuous training that will allow you to stay competitive, innovative. You also gain in terms of flexibility in learning and the time you spend learning, because as you have a job it becomes important a method to learn flexible.
Another interesting aspect is that you can choose the course that best suits your needs taking into account your educational level.
Although much of these courses are paid there are free courses and also discounts.
The courses are video but you can have them only in audio and download them to view them without an internet connection.
download here.

It’s an RSS reader that gives you the ability to quickly organize and access new updates and news from your favorite blogs. Remember to add this page.

Important aspects of the app:
Currently blogs are a tool with a lot of potential to teach and therefore learn to learn. Following this perspective a good selection of blogs according to the information that benefits you, they become a tool to also experience your own learning easily and easily.

It is an RSS reader that provides the possibility to quickly organize and access new updates and news from each of the favorite blogs.
Currently the information overload is overwhelming, with this application you will be able to organize better.
An extra detail is that you can organize YouTube channels.

download here.

It is a non-profit organization that has been a non-profit organization since 2006 with the purpose of “providing a world-class free education for anyone, anywhere.” It has more than 4,300 videos, with which you can advance fundamentals of some subject you are studying and dare to learn new skills or review others that you already have. This platform awaits you with hundreds of interactive exercises, tests and exams with immediate feedback.

Important aspects of the app:
There are certain advantages with respect to virtual learning, you can learn more in less time and with less effort becoming more productive.

Online training allows us to stay up to date and in continuous vocational training.
The content is accessible 24 hours a time, anytime you choose.
It greatly enhances the ability to learn and thought criticized.

download here.

On Google Play you have an application that can become a great ally to start or strengthen your English vocabulary. It is one of the most used mobile platforms for free language learning and English niel certification.

Important aspects of the app:
The English language is now regarded as the most widely used language in international communication. Quality and up-to-date information is usually in English.

Learning a language is a fundamental tool to stimulate the brain by favoring memorization and concentration.
The English language opens many doors, expanding the possibilities of study and work.

download here.

The selection of relevant and key information requires a good application to organize and store it for later access or when it is more easily required. To make this task easier for you there is the evernote application, which aims to organize personal information with note files.

Important aspects of the app:

Making a good personal gathering greatly favors learning a topic and helps in an incredible way to understand what is being learned.

It has native versions for several operating systems.
Its most important aspect is the synchronization of everything that is saved in this application with other versions on other user platforms.

Allows you to collect notes, photos, documents, audio files, pages.