To get a job and study at the same time one of the most important keys is that the level of organization is of the strictest and quality.
It is often a possibility that is seen as impossible, yet it is possible to combine studies and work. This path can be an enriching experience and also a path to high levels of stress.
The most positive side of this challenge is that it helps you discover and enhance tools and skills to be more independent and above all more productive.The requirements are organization, responsibility and maturity.

Are you alone in getting a job and studying?

In the time when we live where changes occur one after the other. It involves learning and learning. And above all develop at the professional level with continuous training and that better than with a job. If it’s supported by the career you’re studying, it’s much better. Therefore it is not alone in this challenge, there are many students who are already doing it and surely in the coming years study and work at the same time will not be such distant disciplines.

Which jobs to choose?

When choosing a job, consider your goal, getting a job and studying at the same time. An important key is that they both relate in some way. Because this will allow you to develop your professional skills and in addition to inserting yourself into the market you intend to enter after receiving your title. Another not least aspect is that you will be able to gain experience and knowledge.

The tips on this are:

Start with a part-time job: This allows you to adapt to the habit of working and studying at the same time. There will come a time when you feel that you can easily cope with studying and working part-time. At that moment you will be able to take the next step, to access a full-time job. It’s usually a good idea to cheer yourself up when you’re finishing the race.

Choose remote jobs: It is more compatible with the study, as scrolling generates exhaustion. It consumes time and especially increases stress. In case you can’t access an online job, opt for one that’s closest to your home.

Never sacrifice class hours for work: Therefore, night or early shift work is discarded because sleep is critical to maintaining a good academic level.

Curriculum relevance: Getting to work and study on something that relates improves your resume. You will become a more qualified person and you will also be able to quietly add “work under pressure” “high performance organization” “initiative”.

Now that you have some keys in mind to choose a student job. It’s time to look at some examples:

– Provide private online classes: If you’re a college student, you can use your past knowledge to earn income.

– Photographer: If you like art and have the camera you can work as a photographer for some kind of specific event. Ceremonies, fashion, product photos etc. As soon as you have a lot of experience you can sell your work on websites.

– Sport: If you like physical activity, working in a gym is your thing. You can also teach some sport you know or practice. Just organize your rest schedules well

– Translator: If you are bilingual or developed English because it is a language that is taught from basic education. It’s your chance of earning income through this.

– Student Tutor: If you are a student who has good academic levels you experience to help other students. So you can help others achieve their academic goals. There are many ways to teach online. For example by taking courses, advising students, reinforcement in some subject you master.

Tips for balancing work and studying

In the next few paragraphs I will give you tips to encourage you to this experience or if you are carrying it out, to be able to cope with it in a better way. Making studies and work compatible. But in view of this involves certain sacrifices, every decision has its consequences. One of them is to go through from time to time for a moment where you’ll want to leave everything and that’s where unwavering willpower is required. Always keep in mind that it is achievable and the effort has a double reward.

The organization

This is the backbone to sustain this challenge. So the level of organization is partly determined by responsibility and dedication in this.
Agenda and organizes, both long, medium and short term. Each activity must appear in your apps or organizational notebooks. Do not exclude anything and always categorized by priorities.
Apply creativity to the use you give your time. For example, you can read study material in some downtime, including brushing your teeth. It will all depend on your creativity.
Set realistic time limits and keep them. Apply the level of discipline of a high-performance athlete. Always remember to spend 1 hour minimum studying.
Learn not to give in to temptations. Never try to respond to all proposals. Focus only on the essentials and what’s important to you.
Sleep 8 hours! Especially don’t study at night.

Keep your feet on the ground

Just in challenges of this caliber you suffer quite a bit one is unrealistic with its capabilities and results. Don’t impose unreachable ideals like being perfect in everything. He even considers not receiving it in the shortest time. Remember that many times we tend to imagine deadlines that are far from reality. You’re human, you’ll have highs and lows, and you have limits. Those are the cards you have to play with. Make the best moves and not the perfect move.

Improve your study method

Developing an efficient way to acquire new knowledge is a student-specific job in today’s education system. Adding that everyone knows each other better than anyone in terms of how to study comfortably. Do not hesitate to resort to mnemtechnics and effective reading techniques. This will allow you to learn using less time and therefore strengthening cognitive abilities.
Another widely used strategy is to teach, because it allows to analyze the knowledge that is counted on a topic and strengthen the relationship with previous knowledge.

Don’t neglect your health

This is important to keep you always fighting for your goals. When you get sick you will lose class and therefore keeping up with your tasks will be very difficult.