A master’s degree and work is very common today, it is common for the student to find himself working at the end of a higher degree. In the next few paragraphs you will find the aspects to take into account to carry it out. It also takes into consideration the possibility of doing an online master’s degree. Where your organization is the most important and another option is to do it in person if you do not master planning for high academic performance.
Many times your company offers you the possibility of doing a master’s degree or in most cases this decision is made personally.

If you decide to carry out both activities, you have to bear in mind that a master’s degree implies a lot of responsibility for both the company and the master’s degree. It also takes a lot of organization to persevere and avoid being left behind.

The current situation of studying and working

We are currently going through a perfect time to combine work and study. In fact, it is increasingly common for students to find themselves in this situation.
What helps make this possible is the technology and the advances that are happening lately. It is known that the flexibility of doing an online master’s degree is important. It gives prominence to the student, allowing him to organize the time according to the hours he has for study.
Other facilities that are found is that the face-to-face course can also be given at more accessible times, for example at night or on weekends.
The options to make it possible to study a master and work. The master’s degree can open up new opportunities or bring new skills to your company.

The combination of face-to-face with online

In this situation and due to the academic demand of the master’s degree, it is very difficult to dedicate yourself completely to doing it in person (It is better when it is at night or on weekends)
To have more possibilities of making it compatible with your work, it is better to choose a master that combines face-to-face and virtual classes. This will allow you to have more flexibility in your schedules.
Optimize the use of every minute

You can try to have your study material in digital format to be able to take advantage of any moment and read or do work. If you travel a long distance to get to work, you can create the habit of studying while traveling on public transport. One option you can choose is to stop watching television and surf the internet for leisure and take advantage of that extra time to advance in subjects. For this option to be viable, it is important to choose a master’s degree that you are passionate about.

Make working hours more flexible in favor of studying

This is another possibility for which you can opt. It requires negotiating with your boss or employer. To achieve some flexibility in your schedules and thus be able to study or attend class. An important aspect is that the workplace is close to home or near the university.
Healthy life and not sacrificed life
It is important to take care of your health, to exercise in minutes of rest, to respect the necessary hours of rest. These are some of the habits for leading a healthy life related to this study. Giving me this opportunity will allow you to have an optimal performance during the duration of the master’s degree. Taking a master’s degree and working involves energy and vitality.

Optimizing time to study a master’s degree and work

The good use of time can only occur if you are able to assume the responsibility that studying a master’s degree demands and comply with the work day.

Create a priority agenda

Establishing what your priorities will be implies that your personal time will be reduced therefore you will have to put aside certain activities and leisure.
Always write down your priorities so that when time starts to run short you can focus only on the essential tasks to meet your goal.
This can be tough, yet the benefit of going through it and achieving it is transformative and highly beneficial.

Stress and emotions

When you have to do more than one activity, the feeling of not being able or feeling overwhelmed occurs. This can happen on any day while you are working and taking your master’s degree, and it can translate into time-consuming or paralyzing tension. So it is essential to be aware of this and avoid increasing stress to the point of causing blockages or distancing yourself from performing the highest priority tasks. Managing stress is also important because it can lead to health problems.

Effective study method

You cannot study a master’s degree and work if you do not have study techniques that allow you to develop concentration and control over distractions, for example, make good use of your mobile, use time and task management applications, memorization techniques. Everything that brings you closer to the best use of time in relation to academic tasks. You can also use effective methods for summaries. Mental maps. Methods that help transform a few minutes into the most productive.

Selecting the right master’s degree

Choosing a master’s degree with a modality in terms of timetables that is compatible with your work is a basic starting point. As I mentioned in the previous paragraphs, if it is semi face-to-face or online it is much better. You can also opt for a night master’s degree, where the hours do not affect those of your mandatory rest.
Let others know about the challenge you are taking
When you tell your friends about your challenge and your boss about the challenge you embarked on, you will surely receive help or understanding about your obligations and in this way they will give you more space. They will also be more willing to offer you help when you need it.

Tell your boss
If you haven’t already, you better do it. You can find out the possibilities that they can offer you to grant a flexible working time. One of the possibilities could be to accumulate work hours in four days and have a few extra days off added to the weekend. It may also happen that they assign you a position that allows you to fulfill hours remotely (from your home). The support of your superior will be one of the best allies when combining study and work.