Having a life and studying a college career seems unattainable, but maybe if you can afford to have it. For that I will share some strategies that are effective to enjoy college and not start disapproving or affecting your studies.

Is there life when studying a university career?

Good to stay in college constantly, progressing, approving. It’s part of the challenge you face when enrolling in a college career. But it is also the responsibility of oneself to take care of your mental health and to be able to have time for leisure and disconnection. Although this involves extra effort, it also ensures that continuity or university life is more bearable and you can be better prepared.

Self-management of your time effectively is like a commandment

Why have a social life and study a college career?
University life is a new stage that is chosen to access new possibilities and thus greater freedoms and responsibilities. But even though college presents you with a better future. The social aspect is important to be a complete and healthy person.

Having a social life helps you discover your most suitable study team. Remember that the study material is very extensive and as a team can be optimally managed and also study in this way allows you to have extra time and takes you a little further away from stress.

Stress is always present in college because it involves a lot of work that will only begin to pay off once you receive your degree. To get to this you are presented with a way to attend classes, study, take notes, write, read a lot of documents. All of this together involves high-performance mental work and becomes stressful. Without the time to rest and share activities are such complex obligations frees up tension. Whenever you can spend some fun and relaxed entertainment it recovers energy and the mood is balanced.

Another aspect is that a circle of friendship is always important, which by the university context will be future professional contacts or romantic interests. College life can be a lonely path but it’s nicer accompanied.

The consequences of having a social life and studying a career

Participating in college and living requires a lot of effort but the reward is very pleasant. This effort will make you an organized, methodical person with a steel willpower. Especially with a double reward. Developing more self-confidence, being able to manage new challenges raises confidence and is reflected in the day-to-day life. It allows you to encourage yourself to face new challenges, as you have more preparation. So growth will come in more constant doses.

Exhaustion will knock on your door more than once. No one can say that focusing on college and social life is easy is lying. It’s possible and not simple. Being able to carry out both aspects involves daily will and discipline.

The value of time and its management

Mentalize that time is the most valuable and is the resource on which strategies will be developed to avoid wasting it and use it in a more productive way.
Keep in mind that in times of high demand in college you will have thoughts of doubts about whether you can continue or that you were thinking when you made this decision. Live them, they are part of this stage and focus on keeping your goals clear and following the path you’re on. In addition, the time you spend with friends or family will be more worthwhile.


Strategies for social life and studying

The main one is the organization

The most important step in developing these two possibilities is the organization to sustain being able to study properly and have an active life.
Try to maintain a well-organized agenda and have habits that allow you to make this decision sustainable. Remember that you can review some apps to be more productive or apps to develop habits. In this app you can keep an agenda, the things you have to do during the day, exam dates, study hours, departure times, shopping lists, list of home activities among others.The main thing is to write down everything you have to do during the day so as not to waste time and also take everything up to date.

Avoid not attending classes

This isn’t just a recommendation, it’s an important factor. You may have the feeling that if you sacrifice a day of school nothing happens. But it has an impact on the future. The lessons of how to learn about a topic is the compass to study well and not waste time.
The key is to focus on what the teacher wants to teach will allow you to know when preparing your study material what topics need to be in the first place. So the strategy of attending class is to anticipate several future moves.

Uses an effective and fixed study method

The study method starts from the moment you start collecting relevant information to assimilate a topic. Just like this is about having life the best way is to collect key information on a pc or laptop. Since taking notes on pc offers you the possibility to write faster. You will always be more effective in terms of notes and organization with this tip. Now with regard to studying choose the method that best suits the way you learn. Sometimes it works best to work with other schemes taking notes from books, there are those who read and re-read (this method I do not recommend implies a wear of time and the results are similar to two well-made readings).

Another example is that if you’re a person who can easily build speeches with keywords, mnemotechnics is your best ally.
The review is the closure of the study method and it is very important, I recommend that you look for any minimum space for reviews. To the point of automating reviews, the best program to use reviews is Anki which has version for both pc or mobile.

Always sign the calendar

The best way to stand firm on the calendar or agenda is to reward yourself with social life. For example, if you manage to fulfill what you set out for the week on Friday, you can choose, go out and dance. As long as your college life relates, both will be positively enhanced.