Learning to learn changes our lives progressively for the better and is much more enjoyable if you can rely on mobile apps, allowing us to take our learning to the next level.
It also makes it possible to open ourselves to continuous learning and move away from the false belief that we know everything and the information is not updated or changed.

Is using your phone when learning counterproductive?

It is often recommended to avoid the cell phone, considering it as the main disturbing instrument when studying. But this is not the case, as long as we have as a north they are responsible for transforming mobile into a useful tool for learning.
The mobile is a device with which we spend 3 to 6 hours almost every day. This instrument, like a laptop, with good use can become our greatest ally and support when it comes to broadening horizons in the skills or topics that we want to learn.

Why continually learn?

Before commenting on the apps that can be useful to you. I’d like to tell you why it’s important to learn to learn. Human beings feel that learning contributes to the meaning of our existence but as we take the step to learn we face a very great challenge. That our brain is still biologically programmed for survival and this becomes a limiting when it comes to integrating new habits that allow us to learn.
It is difficult to overcome the natural tendency of humans to stay in a routine of the past that mostly leads to dissatisfaction.
Only when we realize that the path of learning becomes our responsibility and learning involves turning off the automatic mode with which we live and striving to follow a learning dynamic supported in this case with technology, continuous learning can arise.

Here are some apps you can turn your phone into a studio tool and keep it from being the biggest distraction to overcome every time you’re about to know something new.

download here.

It is one of the very wide online learning platforms, according to its website it has more than 130,000 courses in video format taught by experts in each topic. This platform in its version of app for android will allow you to master new skills, both from some topic of interest and learn to learn why it also has courses that explain the best methods of research, writing, study techniques, memorization techniques, etc.

Important aspects of the app:
The main advantage of having hundreds of useful online courses is that of continuous training that will allow you to stay competitive, innovative. You also gain in terms of flexibility in learning and the time you spend learning, because as you have a job it becomes important a method to learn flexible.
Another interesting aspect is that you can choose the course that best suits your needs taking into account your educational level.
Although much of these courses are paid there are free courses and also discounts.
The courses are video but you can have them only in audio and download them to view them without an internet connection.
download here.

It’s an RSS reader that gives you the ability to quickly organize and access new updates and news from your favorite blogs. Remember to add this page.

Important aspects of the app:
Currently blogs are a tool with a lot of potential to teach and therefore learn to learn. Following this perspective a good selection of blogs according to the information that benefits you, they become a tool to also experience your own learning easily and easily.

It is an RSS reader that provides the possibility to quickly organize and access new updates and news from each of the favorite blogs.
Currently the information overload is overwhelming, with this application you will be able to organize better.
An extra detail is that you can organize YouTube channels.

download here.

It is a non-profit organization that has been a non-profit organization since 2006 with the purpose of “providing a world-class free education for anyone, anywhere.” It has more than 4,300 videos, with which you can advance fundamentals of some subject you are studying and dare to learn new skills or review others that you already have. This platform awaits you with hundreds of interactive exercises, tests and exams with immediate feedback.

Important aspects of the app:
There are certain advantages with respect to virtual learning, you can learn more in less time and with less effort becoming more productive.

Online training allows us to stay up to date and in continuous vocational training.
The content is accessible 24 hours a time, anytime you choose.
It greatly enhances the ability to learn and thought criticized.

download here.

On Google Play you have an application that can become a great ally to start or strengthen your English vocabulary. It is one of the most used mobile platforms for free language learning and English niel certification.

Important aspects of the app:
The English language is now regarded as the most widely used language in international communication. Quality and up-to-date information is usually in English.

Learning a language is a fundamental tool to stimulate the brain by favoring memorization and concentration.
The English language opens many doors, expanding the possibilities of study and work.

download here.

The selection of relevant and key information requires a good application to organize and store it for later access or when it is more easily required. To make this task easier for you there is the evernote application, which aims to organize personal information with note files.

Important aspects of the app:

Making a good personal gathering greatly favors learning a topic and helps in an incredible way to understand what is being learned.

It has native versions for several operating systems.
Its most important aspect is the synchronization of everything that is saved in this application with other versions on other user platforms.

Allows you to collect notes, photos, documents, audio files, pages.