Processing a passport is an important procedure to be able to access a student visa.
It is recommended that to apply for a student visa, the passport is in optimal condition and with white space for visas.
Whenever you wish to travel abroad, a passport must be processed in a delegation or office that is directly related to the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs or the institution that your country has.

The essential requirement to travel legally abroad is the passport.

What is a passport?

A card or identification document and citizenship of your country. It aims to be used to make international trips across borders.

Initiating the process

The first thing to do is to investigate, which is the institution closest to your home to carry out the formalities.
Then log in to its website, this is where you can access relevant information about the application and its modality.
Shifts are usually required to be requested through the Civil Registry website. In most cases, a form must be completed.

Shifts or appointments for passport granting are personal. This document is not transferable to another student.

The general requirements for access

The documentation that is most required is the one that proves nationality in the country you are applying for the passport.

The documents you’ll need are:
Legal birth certificate, also known as Birth Certificate. This is issued by your city’s Civil Registry. In some cases it is requested that it contain an entry proving that it was issued for obtaining the passport.
In case you have problems with this act, you can present as an additional document: Certificate of Nationality, Declaration of Nationality or Charter of Naturalization.
Official photo ID: This documentation must always have a photograph and the signature of the holder. The data contained therein must faithfully match all documents proving nationality.
Image: The requirement of the delivery of a photograph for the processing of passport in some cases is necessary, in others they take it at the appointment.
In case you have to take it, it has to be a very recent photo.
The characteristics of it is without lenses, open head, front, color with white background.
Proof of payment: This payment document is about passport rights.

Additional documents that may be requested or may be required for Official Identification are:

Voting credentials
Professional Card
Professional Title
Intern’s Letter
Citizen Identity Card
High-security consular registration certificate
Naturalization Charter
Certificate of nationality
Nationality statement

Passport for minors or students.

If the situation occurs that the passport is processed for minors. They must be accompanied by the person who exercises paternity or legal guardian.
For children under 7 years of age, the record that is usually requested is that of the school or the pediatrician’s record.
In case of over 7 years and under 18 years of age: Proof of studies is required.

Certification of studies: Remember that the passport is for processing student passports.
Additional documentation: In case the consulate of the country to which you will make study trips asks you. Usually what they usually ask for is more documentation for identifying purposes or for the protection of the child.
Passport renewal, Requirements.
Recent photograph of the applicant’s face, card size and white background. The student’s image is required to be without dark glasses and covered head.
Amount, is consulted when booking the appointment. Carry the exact amount of money to avoid setbacks.
Current passport book and corresponding official identification documentation.
In the situation of a minor, as at the time of taking out the passport, in this case he must also be accompanied by the parents. Those who will have to present their current ID.

What to do in case of theft, loss or deterioration of Passport?

In the face of the loss or theft of the passport, report to the police in your city and contact the appropriate authorities, the following documents are required to re-have a replacement passport:

  • Two photographs of the face in card size with white background. The face must be clearly appreciated.
    Amount that is required.
    Applicant’s legal identification
    Original or current birth certificate in your country.
    In case the passport to be requested corresponds to a minor. He must be accompanied by his parents.
    Specifically identified with your documentation.

Validity of a passport

It depends on the country of residence. In several nations, children under three years of age can only access a passport of one year or up to three years. In the event that the minor is older than three years and under eighteen years of age, the passport is valid for three or six years.
In adults the validity usually extends to 10 years. It is important that you check this information in your city offices because they usually change for each country.

Passport delivery times

Usually, the time elapsed from the passport application to the delivery of the passport. It usually takes a period of three to four weeks, until you receive confirmation.
Usually once the passports are ready for delivery, the applicant will be notified. In many cases so you can remove them without an appointment.

To withdraw passports you must present your official identification documentation and payment receipt.

At the time you cannot withdraw your passport on the day set in some countries it can be requested by means of an authorized letter. Have your passport sent to your home address, at your own risk.

Completing paperwork and starting another

Since you’re a student now that you have your passport, it’s your turn to get a student visa. It’s another procedure that will also take some time. In case you are about to go to study in the United States you can consult some aspects to consider in the visa for this country. here.