There is the possibility of studying an online master’s degree and the questions that arise are: is it worth studying? How are they studied? Most prefer to continue training at this time, which requires continual specialization. The online master’s degree is one more option for when you finish your degree and feel that you still need to train, in some cases it is the best way to continue studying.

What is called an online master?

In a simple way, it can be said that an online master is a master that can be studied through the internet. This training in many cases exceeds the face-to-face training and they are usually at the same level.
One of the main characteristics of this modality is the saving of time due to the possibility of studying online, although they are always accompanied by certain study strategies. For example, it is common in this modality to find virtual classrooms, where you attend classes live. There is also the possibility of recording the lessons and watching them as many times as necessary, downloading study material, among others.

The online master also have the possibility of being official or their own

Own online master’s degree: This degree lacks approval for Europe and is not fully valid in the EHEA and in some it is only necessary to have professional experience in the field in which you want to study the master’s degree.

Official online master: As with the face-to-face master, this type of master is recognized by an educational education and approved throughout the European Union. This offers the possibility of practicing a profession in any country that is part of the EHEA (European Higher Education Area) and to access this type of master you must have a bachelor’s degree or a bachelor’s degree.

The quality of a virtual master

Currently, online teaching has advanced a lot, in part due to the suspension of face-to-face classes in 2020. This, added to the advances of previous years, gives us the possibility of taking our own master’s degree and, most importantly, an online master’s degree. This can be done at universities in Spain, France and at various European Universities.

If it is about quality, the qualification approved and valid for Europe, is the clear example that it is at the level of traditional education. As the years go by, more masters will continue to be enabled with the online modality, as is happening in universities in Spain.

Go ahead and study a master’s degree online

During these last years, online education has been growing despite the beliefs that people have about learning online. In fact, it is often considered a second option and as a solution for when you cannot attend a face-to-face class due to work or distance. The idea that doubts are resolved remotely is very present. Doubts about the methodologies, the tools that are needed, the motivation, the planning and the study routine.
Below I will explain some advantages and disadvantages compared to face-to-face learning:

Positive aspects

You can take it from your home.

This is an incredible freedom, you can condition your study place to your liking or study from any other place with internet access. You will avoid traveling to attend class and you will be able to rely on the facilities and automations offered by a PC, a cell phone or tablet and above all the continuous internet connection.

Flexible hours

The most common is that the material and classes are available 24 hours a day, even all year round. You will only have to organize yourself to attend the online classes if the subject requires it or if you are interested. This opens a window of possibilities for you in case you work or have children or are looking to combine higher education with a hobby.

The cost is less.

In general, it is cheaper for universities to take courses online and this is reflected in the price they offer to the student. In addition, the economic aspect together with the online study opens a window of offers from universities in neighboring countries and from other continents.

Negative aspects

  • The official master’s degree is scarce. The amount is less than the one found in mode
    face-to-face and will be expanded in the face of demand
  • It takes you away from the traditional university environment.
  • Although platforms and technology allow the student teacher to have more tools for communication, it still does not reach the person-to-person level.


Basic requirements to access an online Master

The same requirements are usually required as in a traditional master’s degree. For example, undergraduate degree, that the degree is consistent with the content of the master’s degree.

The possibility also arises that the degrees are less demanding in the case of an Online Master’s Degree, where they ask you for example: Professional Training Certificate or have work experience in what you intend to study.

Tips for studying a master’s degree online

The fundamental thing is to make the most of technology. It is important to familiarize yourself and continually update yourself to know what resources are available for the entire course. The fact that teachers only uploaded PDFs to the university platform and then each student turned in their homework was long gone. Now it is used, video conferencing, digital whiteboards, virtual classrooms, live classes and other possibilities.

Improve your organization

Online learning totally changes the traditional methodology of learning, in fact it could be considered that it implies a revolution. The prominence of the student increases, but that flexibility can be a disaster if it is not managed well. The level of responsibility is higher and the ability to have a daily routine is essential. If you didn’t develop a high-performing discipline and organization, you have to.
Before taking the step, plan everything. It is important to adapt to the challenge. Fixed hours are the best allies. As long as you can carry a consistent routine over time, everything will become easier. Don’t let the freedom and convenience of choosing your schedules turn against you.

Motivation, Iron Will.

The difficult thing is not to start, but to stay in the challenge. At the beginning the motivation is at the highest, but as the difficulties arise and things do not go as planned. Motivation begins to wane. In these moments only an iron will will remain constant. Remember it is not difficult, you just don’t have time.