Ideas for social science thesis topics are the fundamental pillar for become an expert on a specific topic. Because all great research starts with an idea. Then you can assume that ideas are the first contact with the topic you want to delve into.
When selecting ideas it is relevant to take into account the personal interest of each one, both academically and socially.

Another important aspect is the ability and skills to conduct research based on your chosen idea. It is also necessary to analyze whether you can access a thesis director with experience and investigative training in the area you chose as the subject.

Key questions to make a good choice of topic from an idea

Questions are important to verify that we are not getting carried away by biases that arise when we fall in love with an idea.

What idea am I specifically choosing?

What is the justification for choosing this idea?
What do I want to specialize in specifically?
To whom do I want to contribute knowledge?

Places to find inspiration

In the experiences lived. And just what we are passionate about comes from our own story and in it you can find the engine that drives you to discover the idea you are needing.
Written documents such as: books, newspapers and other theses (we have a publication on this). I also recommend two very important pages to find information that will surely be very useful: SciELO and redalyc. In this respect it always tries to make the search for the idea emerge as far as possible from current documents. As a rule, do not use contributions with more than 7 years of validity and always choose to read original material.
You can research theories that interest us.
Get involved in some research and discover what topic is important from it.
Conversations with subject matter experts or also having conversations about the social sciences with people who are very curious about it.
Encourage yourself to observe facts and problems.
Mentally review the subjects you liked most about your career and the idea that you can most comfortably elaborate in a thesis can emerge. It can also be very helpful to walk in places that you intuit that can give you some idea or inspire you.
These recommendations, in addition to awakening your inspiration to produce social science thesis ideas, help you not to develop a thesis that has already been performed by another student.

Discernment for the creation of ideas

The ideas you may have can be grouped into the following types:

Ideas that generate a lot of curiosity and involve you in a personal way.
Ideas that are not new but have a different look or approach. Originality can only arise from the in-depth knowledge of the work of others in your selected field. Only in this way can you go further and produce a contribution that impacts and is new.
Ideas that provide possibilities for understanding and analyzing social phenomena.
The potential of the idea that can produce a thesis that will solve some specific problem of today’s society.

Ideas as an example for social science thesis

  1. New social media and its social framework
    Changing interactions: Being human and virtuality
    Technology and classrooms and classroom teachings
    Private knowledge and public knowledge
    Social responsibilities in small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and producers
    Rights of employees in the sector …
    Analysis of human resources management in a company
    The value of the human resources area in local tourism
    Social dynamics in pandemic
    The new relationships of technological advances and work
    The current trend in environmental policies
    Public and private security
    Current migration flows in Latin America
    Economy and inequalities at the time in the 21st pandemic
    The current inequalities in Latin America
    Justice and money
    How the global impacts at the local level
    Health and well-being in Mexico City
    Changes between religion and the human sciences
    The prospects of multiculturalism and feminism
    Analysis of both generational, gender and sexual identity in the social sciences
    Analysis of social structures and human culture
    Pre-pandemic and post-pandemic lifestyles
    The life of the human being as a family
    Human development in childhood over the past 20 years
    Analysis of youth and fatherhood
    Aging and relationship with adult children
    New discoveries of primate evolution
    Investigations into the country’s public policy
    The risks of social sciences in the service of politics
    Favorable aspects of social sciences in the service of politics
    Analysis and understanding of citizens in terms of participation/inclusion
    Safety/insecurity in the city
    Conflicts in the original communities
    Analysis of the effectiveness of public policies at the global level
    A new perspective from sociology on the concept of…
    Philosophy and its connections to social science
    Health studies in an Amazon community
    Analysis on the application of social science in…
    Explaining the economic inequalities in my country
    Social harm through violence and crime
    Research on the distribution of resources and well-being in society
    Quality of Life Study
    Ethical position on research methods
    Social science in computer science
    Tourism and social sciences
    Early childhood as the basis of the future
    Social reform of school hours
    Social consequences of 8 hours of working hours
    The current reality in compulsory and public secondary education
    Ethics and values in your country
    A new look at the pre-Hispanic era in Mexico
    Changes in how history is studied in schools
    The most important skills in the area of social sciences
    Indigenous communities and urban communities
    The future feeding of the human being