Limitless Movie (2011)

How does this movie work in real life?

Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) is an aspiring writer who suffers a chronic blockade when writing his books and has also recently ended a romantic relationship with his girlfriend Lindy (Abbie Cornish). However his life takes an unexpected turn when his former brother-in-law Vernon Gant (Johnny Whitworth) discloses NZT, a revolutionary drug that will allow him to harness his full cognitive potential.

How many times have you dreamed of taking a pill that will allow you to pass the exam with the best grade without studying, conquer your platonic love with just one glance, get the job that will take you to the top of success or become the greatest sportsman of all time?

In the end, we wake up and notice that these pills only exist in dreams or in movies, but do not be discouraged because, precisely that film, that of the superpowered pill, is released today.

Bradley Cooper, the actor who put his name on the map with the film “The Hangover”, returns to the big screen as the protagonist in the film “Limitless“. There he plays an aspiring writer named Eddie Morra who is going through a severe blockade of creativity. One day he meets an old friend who offers him a magic pill called NZT, with which all his problems will disappear because it will allow him to make the most of his potential in all aspects of his life.

By taking the pill, Eddie can remember everything he ever read, saw or heard, learn any language in a day, understand complex equations, and seduce everyone he knows, of course, as long as he continues to consume the unsired drug for sale. But over time the cost is known and that’s where the problem begins.

Questioned about what he would do if there really was an NTZ-like drug, Cooper responded during a meeting with the press that he would try to learn all the languages. “I would also learn to play as many instruments as possible. Then I don’t know, but I’d probably try to get money so I could hang around spending it. But it would be amazing to be able to start playing with all these amazing musicians and speaking languages, you know, communicating with people wherever I am. I’d still be an actor, and a director would probably start to face my fears because what I really want to do is direct movies, I just haven’t done it yet,” Cooper said.

“Limitless” speaks of the meaning of power and everything we can do with it, how to use power over people, and above all what happens when it is abused. But it’s also a pill that stimulates, something that could be read as a drug that makes your comsumdor a super hero.

The film’s director, Neil Burger, is aware of it. “In fact we almost ran a marketing campaign where we had Michael Jordan or Barack Obama saying ‘Powered by N.Z.T.’, but we didn’t.”

“Anyway I think it’s a warning story. Obviously there are appalling side effects on drug use. There are people who kill for them… but for me the subject of this film has more to do with power than drugs and about this person trying to get more power.”

And it is this image of power that niro’s actor Robert portrays when playing tycoon Carl Van Loon, a mega figure on Wall Street who invites Eddie to participate in the largest merger in the history of big corporations.

Questioned about what makes him happy, De Niro replied: “I have many things that make me happy, another not so much. I’ve got good and bad. I have children, I have a family. I’ve got a lot of stuff. One day I’m happy with some of these things, another day I don’t… but actually, I can’t complain.”