DISCLAIMER: From now on, I want to make it clear that I am not a doctor or a professional trained to advise others on medication or food. I’m just sharing my personal experience with this topic. That’s why if you’re reading this post, it’s your complete responsibility to consult your doctor and do your own research if you decide to take action based on what you interpret from this information that I’m going to share, which I repeat, is my personal experience and nothing else.


According to Wikipedia, and referencing the Dorlands Medical Dictionary, nootropics, also known as smart drugs, memory stimulants and cognitive enhancers, are supplements, nutraceuticals or functional foods that elevate certain human mental functions (i.e. brain functions and capabilities) such as cognition, memory, intelligence, creativity, motivation, attention and concentration.

In my case, I discovered the nootropics thanks to my partner, who was always interested in cognitive enhancers and in elevating mental functions to achieve new levels of consciousness.

I didn’t pay much attention to it, until I saw the film Limitless or Limitless with Bradley Cooper, where the actor takes a supplement that makes it mega smart. Call me sonsa, but there I thought, “If there are cognitive enhancers, which make the brain “work” better, why not try to see what’s cool?”

And that’s how I started, trying one of the best-known nootropics, Modafinil.

Modafinil or Modafinil is a neurostimulant that promotes alertness, that is, it helps you stay focused and awake. From what I read, it’s usually taken by programmers and people who work night shifts, who have sleep disorders. In my case, I took it to study and finish very technical projects, which required a lot of concentration on my part.

At first, since I didn’t know what dose I was going to take, I started taking 1 whole pill, which is a lot. I remember that the first time I took Modafinil, I was able to do a full SEO (search engine optimization) course in a single day. Not only that, but I understood everything. I was on fire, I wanted to keep learning.

Then, I met Phenibut, it is a supplement derived from the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA. When Phenibut comes into contact with the central nervous system, it helps reduce levels of overexcitement of the brain. That’s why it’s used as an anxiolytic, that is, it reduces anxiety, and also as a cognitive enhancer, to improve memory, attention, sociability, motivation, performance, and even to treat insomnia.

In my case as I had already had a good experience with Modafinil, I encouraged myself to try phenibut in order to improve my sociability, as I am very shy and introverted when I am with people I do not know. I don’t remember when it was the first time I used it, but I remember when I tried it I liked it.

So far, those were the only two synthetic nootropics I’ve tried so far and I can tell you that:

If I take Modafinil or phenibut I do it in very particular cases, that is, I do not always consume them.

Modafinil was taken in very small doses (a sixth of a pill) when I know I have to perform technical tasks that require my concentration, but not my creativity, for example, at the time when I was working as a Pinterest manager and had to file reports, which is a bit super boring for me, I took a little bit and could complete the tasks of a serve.

Now, did you see that I said they were tasks that required concentration and not creativity? Well, when I take Modafinil I feel a need for two things: either learn something or concrete something I already know how to do. However, when it comes to creative activities, such as writing or designing, I don’t feel like I’m doing my best, if I’m m in love.

Afterwards, phenibut was taken only when I know I’m going to a meeting where I don’t know anyone or almost anyone, and I know I need to function without fear and naturally. I have used it in conferences and networking events, where I needed to be able to communicate myself, without the normal shame I feel in front of strangers.

Taking phenibut is like having a glass of wine or two glasses of beer, that’s the feeling I get when I drink it.

As I said recently, I do not always consume, but I do so in very particular cases, being aware that I do not need them to function, and that I take them to enhance mental functions that I already have.

I imagine you’ll wonder if they have contraindications, and yes, as any supplement there can be side effects.

It’s up to you to do your research there, as I said at the beginning, and consult your doctor.

Here are some examples of contraindications:

Modafinil inhibits the effects of birth control pills, so women, be careful. Also, in my experience, I feel that when I take Modafinil I can’t stop working and it’s often counterproductive.

On the other hand, phenibut, being relaxing can distort your sleep cycles because it gives you a lot of sleep after a few hours. Besides, being in inhibitory, it’s not convenient to drink alcohol if you’ve consumed phenibut, because you fart with a cup. So if you take phenibut, I knew you can’t take much because there you are going to pass a paper (I tell you because it happened to me, not to make a paper, but to realize that I was farting).

Of course there may be more contraindications, so do your research if you’re interested in this topic.

As you’ll see, nootropics are a totally optional tool for working and meeting goals, but they don’t replace your ability as a human being to do what you want.

While there’s the stereotype of the successful mega person who spends his time consuming cocaine or other substances to be well up, that’s very, very different from what we’re chatting about here.

Nootropics are a way to enhance the capabilities you already have, and there are even natural nootropics, such as green tea, that help you achieve the same thing.

If you’re interested, in another post we can talk about natural nootropics, and for that you have to leave me a comment as I know.

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