We always hear a lot about “smart drugs”, also called nootropics. This kind of prescription medication is famous for the belief that it makes us smarter and that it contributes to our life and helps our cognitive functions but, are they legal? How do we use them? Are they really safe? Let’s talk about nootropics.

Are nootropics safe?

This is a particularly difficult question to answer, in general nootropics are safe, they are considered safe when they have a good history in the background and really few adverse events, but determining if nootropics are safe or not is more difficult than it seems.

The major part of Nootropics don’t have to be under clinical trials because they are classified as nutritional supplements so the people taking them have to take some (medidas de precaucion) such as:

– Talk with your doctor before taking any type of nootropic
– Choose the right nootropic: this will depend your health and your necessities
– Take it the right way: use the recommended dosage for you
– Take care of yourself: eat and sleep well, drink water and do some exercise during the week

These tips may sound pretty obvious but it is necessary to understand the importance of having a healthy life for nootropics to work the way they should, this way you will notice all the benefits they bring and as few side effects as possible.

Do nootropics work?

Some nootropics do work and have many benefits, for example:
– In short and long term memory
– Creativity, motivation, anti-stress
– Repair, regeneration and brain cell protection
– Attention, focus and verbal performance
– Raising alpha brain waves
– Healthy blood circulation
– Optimizing energy

Are nootropics legal?

It depends on where you live but in general nootropics are legal. Some countries may have more restrictions than others but nootropics are usually legal. The major part of nootropics are legal because they are classified as supplements and regulated as food. As we already said, nootropics don’t pass for clinical trials and are supposed to be good until something proves the opposite, all remains in history, if the product were good until yesterday it is still good today even if it doesn’t have a scientific proof.

Are nootropics legal in the U.K.?

Nootropics are legal to own, consume and purchase but you have to take into account that every type of nootropic could be different, in case of Modafinil for example, it is legal to own just enough to personal consume, it is less than 100 pills that can last during approximately three months.
It is different if we talk about nootropics like vitamins, amino acids and herbal supplements, those are completely legal and anyone can get them over-the-counter. And others are legal to consume and own but not with the intent of supplying others, if you don’t have a license to do it. So if you’re thinking about consuming nootropics make sure you know all the rules first, because for people who sell Modafinil even to just their friends, could face two years in jail.

Can nootropics make you tired?

The answer is not that simple as a yes or no. Many nootropics prevent daytime sleepiness, here is a list of some:

Phenylpiracetam: it is a potent stimulating nootropic. It increases dopamine, norepinephrine and acetylcholine levels. Phenylpiracetam also provides anxiolytic effects that help to work under pressure and stress.

Modafinil: Modafinil is a wakefulness-enhancing agent with stimulating effects. Its way of working it’s by increasing levels of dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine and reducing the GABA, a inhibitory neurotransmitter.

Noopept: It is a member of the recetam class of nootropics, it is really stronger than piracetam. Noopept is commonly used because it promotes verbal fluency and it is really helpful with short and long term memory and it also increases the blood flow in the brain.

Rhodiola Rosea: also called Arctic Root, this herb is amazingly effective in remedying fatigue, brain fog, as well as sluggishness and poor memory. Rodhiola increases norepinephrine and serotonin which gives a wakeful state, this shrub is effective treating impotence, infertility and depression.

Oxiracetam: this recetam is focused more on wakefulness rather than stimulation, it increases blood flow in the brain and speeds up energy metabolism.

Sulbutiamine: It increases alertness and energy levels, as well as improves mood and reduces anxiety. As the major part of this nootropics, Sulbutiamine increases the production of glutamate and dopamine too.

It is strange to find a nootropic that causes sleepiness or fatigue, a big part of them does the opposite. Some nootropics may cause a feeling of calm and help with stress and anxiety but it is not common for nootropics to make you feel tired.

Can nootropics cause anxiety?

During my research I found many articles talking about nootropics that could make you lead with anxiety, social anxiety and stress, so they are more likely to help than cause anxiety. Anyway there are a couple nootropics that you have to take care with if you suffer from this condition.
Adderall and Ritalin are examples of nootropics that can cause anxiety,stomach pain, nausea, and sleep pain, but they also have the propensity for abuse. Another case is Modafinil that can enhance anxiety if you already have this disorder, it also can cause insomnia and high blood presure.
You have to be careful of what type of nootropics you consume and even more if you also consume other kind of drugs at the same time; combining a nootropic with cannabis for example could lead into sudden psychiatric symptoms.

Remember that this isn’t a medical article, if you are thinking about consuming any type of nootropic, make sure to consult with your head doctor, self-medication isn’t recommended.

To summarise, there is a large number of nootropics of different types and all of them have different restrinctions depending on where do you live and the use you give to them, make sure you have all the information on your hands and see the pros and cons of taking any smart drug, it is your choice but make sure it is one that you won’t regreat after.