It’s good to have a video editor for college presentations, because making video presentations is a great learning and teaching resource. That can renew the way you make college presentations.


Benefits of using videos in a college presentation

The videos allow to generate greater closeness with the audience and contribute a plus in the reinforcement of some key message of the speech.
We are now more familiar with videos. Because today most students consume audiovisual material on YouTube, and several social networks not to say the most. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok which is famous for short videos.
So in the time we live a video presentation offers a great possibility to get more attention, hook and make it easier to learn content.
Being a content that reproduces images at high speed creating the feeling of movement that is accompanied by sound allows to present in an efficient and simple way some concept that is bettIs making a video presentation harder than making a slideshow?

The process of making videos for university presentations can be more complex, depending on the type of video you intend to make. The only thing is that the steps to make videos involve more planning to create each part of a video. This is best done with it being clear that it is intended to improve the transmission of information in a presentation.


Some of the main advantages

  • It favors the ability of the public to retain
  • You can share it to your audience and they can easily view it on most devices.
  • It is a very dynamic audiovisual material so it will capture a lot of attention and it is advisable to pause if you want the video to accompany your speech.


Video editor for university presentations

Here are some video editors, from the simplest to the most complex. You can choose the one that best suits what you plan to do and your level of knowledge about video editing.
In some programs you won’t need experience because they are very intuitive and allow you to create videos easily. In other programs you will have to spend more time learning, but your videos will be more didactic.


This is a free video editing program, because it is available under free software license. It supports many video, image and audio formats. With this editor you can get very well crafted videos for those who are just starting to edit videos. It has a simple and very intuitive interface. For minimum system requirements, it requires 4 GB of minimum RAM and is 64 bit.


It is a free licensed program therefore also free. In this case it is a very basic video editor. You don’t have the ability to add videos from different sources to join them into one. Therefore it is an editor that performs very simple tasks where you can perform coding, cuts among others.
It is very limited because it is too basic, therefore it does not ask for many requirements for its use.


It is a software to create nonlinear videos. The results that can be achieved with this editor are even almost professional and in a simple way. The simplicity is that it has a very intuitive interface and tools allowing for quick learning.
An extra function that can be very useful is that of text effects that allow you to give more dynamism to your presentation. You can use it for free, but with limitations or buy a license that is accessible.

Vegas Pro:

It is a program that was formerly known as Sony Vegas specialized in video editing. It is focused to make professional videos therefore it is a complex driving program. It contains an extensive list of effects for text, sound and video. Allowing you to customize everything with total freedom.


It is a program that allows you to record the screen, recording both the audio and what happens on the screen. Currently this full program is a post-processing tool that focuses on educational presentations. It is a paid program that has 30 days free trial.

Adobe Premiere Pro:

It is a software to edit video. It is focused on making professional videos although it has a simpler version that is Adobe Premiere Elements. It is widely used for having a very fast workflow, because it allows you to work with many types of files without converting it. Something very interesting are the transitions and effects for very striking presentations.
When creating a video it is advisable to worry about the content
One of the most important aspects for making a video is the script. Skipping this step ensures you create poor quality and boring videos.

Tips for creating a good script.

When you create a script, you can choose how to convey a message or explain something specific.
The script can be made in two ways:
The first written in its entirety, where each part is detailed.The second a script that aims to support what you want to show and guide yourself.

Other tips

When making a presentation with videos choose to add other relevant videos related to what you intend to teach. So take good care of the elements you add to your video.
Plan video time and pauses very well. It is very common to place a video and talk at the end. But it can work the possibility to play the video and comment by pausing.
Create good image quality videos. Choose the sound of the video well. A video without audio is not video. So use sounds that enhance your presentation and make them clear.
A tips when creating videos for presentations: Avoid placing dates or years, this gives you the possibility to use it as many times as you want.