The quality of stimulating memory and boosting cognitive functions makes nootropics a very seductive solution for anyone who intends to improve their ability to concentrate and focus their ideas and actions.

According to Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea, all nootropics improve memory and ability to learn, help the brain function in disruptive conditions, protect it from chemical and physical attacks, increase the effectiveness of neural control mechanisms and have little or no side effects.

Which nootropics should i take

However, there are many types of nootropics and each more intensely reinforces certain aspects, so we share a list of the most recommended nootropics and their main benefits.

Which nootropics impact working memory

Caffeine: Found in coffee, chocolate, soft drinks or as a supplement. Moderate intake of this increases people’s alertness and attention, as it blocks adenosine receptors to decrease tiredness.

L-Theanine: It is found in tea or as a supplement and has a calming effect without causing drowsiness. In addition, it increases Alpha waves in the brain related to creativity.

Creatine: It is a supplement that promotes muscle growth, short-term memory enhancement and reasoning skills. It is recommended for highly stressed people and bodybuilders.

Bacopa Monnieri: Accelerates information processing, reduces reaction time and improves memory. Its effects are not felt immediately, it should be taken for several months to notice the improvement.

Rhodiola Rosea: Helps the body manage stress, improves mood and reduces exhaustion, especially in anxious or very stressed people.

Modafinil: Reduces feelings of fatigue, improves memory in adults with little rest and improves the ability to properly manage their time. However, this nootropic should only be taken on prescription and should be controlled to avoid negative side effects. You can check best Moda options here.

Methylphenidate: It is also used to treat attention deficit with hyperactivity and narcolepsy, but there are adults who take it. This medicine improves attention, short-term memory and causes people to process information faster. However, it is of the utmost importance to take it with a prescription and strict care because of the strong side effects.

Each organism operates in a particular way and the needs of each person are unique and individual. For this reason, it is important to know the types of nootropics that exist and the effects they can generate and thus be able to make the best usage decisions and get the best benefits from it.

Why nootropics are effective

Have you ever wondered why you avoid doing your to-do and putting them off even though that then causes you stress? The answer is simple, as you find it difficult to stay focused when you have no pressure, you prefer to leave it for the last moment so that, with that tension you can stay focused. It’s not your fault, that’s how we all work.

We get used to these bad habits and make them everyday or normal in our day to day because we have been neglecting our brains for a long time. Few people know how to stay focused, that is, with a constant focus on their tasks; for this reason, desmotivation or delay in making decisions is normal. Generally speaking, it could be said that very few manage to be productive, actually.

The problem is that we believe that these things only happen when a job is not attractive enough to us, but it is not. Focus and concentration functions should happen on a regular basis in our brains, but this, to function properly in these and other activities, needs maintenance and good administration.

How the human brain works in Nootropics

To understand this, it’s important to analyze how it works. The brain never stops processing, regulating and monitoring an incredibly complex network of neurochemical signals and reactions; so you need ongoing care to be able to repair your cells and feel energyy. Although it has the ability to regulate naturally, there are ways to accelerate and motivate these brain restoration functions. One of the most effective and recommended is the use of nootropics, also called smart drugs, by being able to naturally improve the brain’s energy production pathways.

Nootropics improve the activity of catecholamines (a group of hormones that include adrenaline, noradrelin and dopamine), increase cellular energy levels, reduce brain fatigue, decrease over-active cognitive pathways and optimize the release of cortisol (stress hormone).

Thanks to the above, nootropics help you be more productive because they promote a relaxed and energyy flow of thinking, which makes your body more resistant to distractions and emotional disorders. This promotes the ability to make decisions faster and more assertively, as well as staying motivated to do all your tasks.

Going round and round the slopes without deciding to get down to business, it doesn’t have to be your “daily bread.” Concentration and focus are two qualities that you have very much at hand with the use of nootropics helping your mind to function better. It’s not magic, even if it looks like it.